10 Benefits of the Montcalm Club

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There are many benefits to joining the Montcalm Club, allowing guests to make the most of their stay in London while visiting their favourite hotel chain. In this blog, we’ll take a quick look at some of the key benefits to membership and help you get to grips with what to expect.

What is the Montcalm Club?

Put simply, the Montcalm Club is a rewards club for guests at Montcalm hotels, which offers an enhanced way to experience each trip. There are four tiers of membership to the club: Classic, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each offers different levels of benefits, as we will discuss below in the following list.

Why join the Montcalm Club?

There are numerous reasons to join the Montcalm Club, and its particularly worthwhile if you’re a regular traveller to London as benefits accumulate over time. While the city offers a vast selection of different types of accommodation, few provide the same level of service and luxury as these very special venues, dotted around the city in some of its finest locations.

The Montcalm name has already become widely associated with quality, and lifestyle benefits are at the forefront of the way things are done at every stage of the organisation. This allows visitors to glean much more value from their stay, and the brand is also committed to helping all their guests discover London in a new and exciting way while they enjoy their Montcalm accommodation.

Guest experience is an ongoing cornerstone of the Montcalm way of life, so every benefit within the Montcalm Club is designed to add some extra value to the experience while redefining what constitutes a hotel rewards programme.

What can you look forward to with your own Montcalm Club membership?

  • Complimentary drinks, snacks and newspapers

This benefit is a major reason why hotel guests sign up to the Classic membership option, as each day they can enjoy complimentary water, fresh fruit and newspapers. For fans of healthy snacks who like the convenience of having these items replenished for them while utilising London hotels special offers, this is a fantastic way to get started with the Montcalm Club.

For those selecting different membership options (particularly Silver), complimentary snacks are upgraded to a deluxe fruit plate, which adds extra luxury to your stay.

  • Extended check-out

This option is available on Silver membership packages, subject to availability. Extended check-out is a great way to create a more flexible approach to a stay, and gives guests even more chance to ensure their itinerary is unaffected by rigid hotel check-in rules and regulations.

  • Complimentary room upgrades

In addition to many other fantastic benefits, guests can also enjoy complimentary room upgrades to the next category available. This benefit is subject to availability, but provides a fantastic way to enjoy a new experience on your next stay at a Montcalm property.


With Gold membership, guests have the chance to try a guaranteed room upgrade on the 30th night they spend at a Montcalm hotel, making this a popular benefit for regular guests. For Platinum members, they can look forward to a complimentary one night stay at a Junior Suite on their 60th night.

  • Early check-in

Similarly to extended check-out times, early check-in is also available for guests enjoying Gold membership with Montcalm Club. For guests who are arriving at irregular times or simply want to feel a little less constricted, this is another of the most popular benefits of joining the programme.

  • Discounts on laundry services

For guests who are travelling for extended periods, the chance to gain 20% off laundry services at their hotel is sure to be particularly appealing. This benefit is available on Gold membership packages.

  • Discounts on spa services


At participating hotels, Gold membership guests can also enjoy a 20% discount on spa services, allowing visitors to relax before heading into the city to check out some of the top restaurants in the West End London and beyond.

There are many different treatments to explore, which differ depending on the venue. To see the full programme of services, head to the official website of your chosen hotel.

  • Scalable benefits

As participating customers achieve their ongoing membership levels, they will have access to all the benefits of the tier(s) which precede their own, which provides plenty of incentives to get higher through the programme by staying with Montcalm hotels – a great excuse to indulge your love of travel!

With higher tiers, you’ll even gain access to exclusive Club rooms, providing an extra feeling of special.

  • Easy to participate

While there are lots of different tiers in The Montcalm Club, to get started all you need to do is just sign up. After this, you can begin building your profile with Montcalm Hotels and will soon have access to more of the benefits available to each level.

Joining online can be achieved in only a few minutes, or alternatively at the reception desk.

  • Earn points as you stay

Earning points is just as straightforward as joining, as all you need to do is stay at Montcalm hotels to start developing your access to benefits. Points are earned as a result of the overall spend attributed to your room on each stay, and includes not only the room itself but all the activities you pay for while you’re there.

This can include food, drink and service charges. To earn points, your membership number will be attached to your reservation and points are calculated after you check-out.

  • Redeem points with ease

Redeeming your points is also kept simple – and fun. Regular guests at Montcalm know we like to pamper and treat our visitors, so there are so many fantastic ways to redeem points, each sure to provide a very special stay. The more you stay with the hotel chain, the more you can earn and redeem, helping to upgrade each visit.