A Breakfast Lover’s Guide to London

Breakfast in london

One of the best parts of The Montcalm properties around London are the breakfast spreads on offer every morning. However, true breakfast lovers are going to need a few more options if you are going to make the most of your mornings in London. Here are the best spots in the city.


1000_A Breakfast Lover's Guide to London

Dishoom serve up Bombay street food, so it is often regarded as a lunch or dinner spot. But the truth is that breakfast is arguably their shining glory and something a little bit different to kick off your day. Think spicy omelettes, chilli cheese toast, exotic fruits and much more. Breakfast is served from 8am to 11.45am on weekdays and from 9am to 11.45am on weekends – the weekend breakfast is what every breakfast-lover needs to prioritise at some point, as it takes the shape of an all-you-can-eat buffet (with unlimited alcohol-free drinks). There are a number of Dishoom branches around the city, but the closest to your perch at Montcalm Shoreditch is the conveniently located Dishoom Shoreditch.

Music & Beans

Baked beans in breakfast

This music and coffee themed cafe in Camden Town, decorated with musical instrument memorabilia and crushing the warehouse chic look, really knows what its doing when it comes to big, delicious breakfasts. While there is of course the option to just have a pastry or a sandwich, the breakfast menu is far too tempting to resist. Their homemade baked beans are smashing – but not quite so smashing as the smashed avocado on toast (which is towering!) Any breakfast item that comes with one of their signature roti is always going to be a winner!


Brunch Menu in london

There are branches of Megan’s across London, and though they take an “all day dining” approach, they are also well-known and loved for their brunch menu, and particularly the Bottomless Brunch on Saturday’s, Sunday’s and public holidays. The all-day brunch menu runs until 5pm, and their egg variety is quite special (with special mention due for the Lamb & Sweet Potato Hash).

Café Tarte

Breakfast & Coffee

If you have a London Hotel Package in Kensington, then there is no exception to this rule: go to Café Tarte for breakfast. They don’t mess about with any meals except breakfast and coffee – and when they do something, they do it properly. From chorizo and hash, to granola and fresh fruit, there is a breakfast for every type of breakfast-lover, from the hot breakfast preference to the light, fresh preferences.

Duck & Waffle


This is a modern European restaurant serving a mighty impressive range of meals from snacks and cocktails to dinner and pudding, but their breakfasts are particularly special. While there is everything from fruit salad to a full English breakfast, their waffles are what keep people coming back – and you can’t really visit a restaurant called Duck & Waffle and pass up on the waffles now, can you? For those breakfast-enthusiasts with a sweet tooth, the caramelized banana waffle with homemade hazelnut and chocolate spread, vanilla ice cream and peanut crunch will tick all the boxes. If you are more interested in keeping your breakfast savoury, then go for the full namesake special the “duck and waffle” – crispy duck leg confit, fried duck egg and mustard maple syrup. Throw a mimosa into the mix and you have yourself a cracker of a morning in store.

Bad Egg

Eggs breakfasts in London

There are two things about Bad Egg in east London that is certain: they are by no means a bad egg, and their eggs are absolutely eggcellent. The full English hash is great, as is their spicy Nduja omelette. Their breakfast menu is of the all-day variety, meaning that if you are the kind of breakfast lover that likes the idea of having breakfast at 8pm, this is the place for you. From Monday to Friday from 8 am until 11 am, they do takeaway breakfasts – so if you are en route somewhere, be sure to dash in and grab their crack muffin (a stacked English muffin with sausage patty, bacon, fried egg, G’ambal hash brown, sriracha and cheese fondue… drooling yet?) If you have never dabbled with Frunch (Friday Brunch), then Bad Egg is the perfect place to learn.

Beigel Bake

breakfast bagel

If you have ever visited the iconic Brick Lane market, this bagel shop may have caught your attention. It is not because it has a particularly striking exterior, though, but rather because people line up down the road to get their turn with one of these historical bagels. It is special not only because of the delicious bagels, but because it is open 24 hours a day and tends to churn out around 3000 bagels per day, meaning that a midnight breakfast bagel is never out of the question and that they must be doing something right. It is also one of London’s oldest bagel stores and has been an integral social element of the local Jewish community over the years, now one of the last remnants of a high street community culture of years gone by. From the salt beef to the peanut butter bagels, breakfast runs to Beigel Bake is absolutely critical to your breakfast tour of London.

Cereal Killer Cafe

Cereal Breakfast

There are two Cereal Killer Cafes in London – one in Camden Market and the other on Brick Lane. Based on the somewhat hip, marketplace atmosphere of both of these areas, you can expect the cafes to be equally hip and trendy. They sell the OG of all breakfast foods – cereal. Loads of it. 120 variety, to be precise. From Fruit Loops Marshmallows to Oreo O’s, the major issue is that you can’t eat them all, and the choice is going to be very difficult…

There is no shortage of breakfast options in London, so breakfast lovers really have nothing to worry about except the time limitations that may hold them back from eating all of these wonderful breakfasts. This is when the 24 hour places and all-day brunch venues become critical – fill your day with breakfast foods on your next trip to London!