1000_A Meal From Every Continent… in London

Food display

The best part about a trip to London isn’t just Montcalm Hotel Spa Deals – though that certainly adds to the list of motivational reasons. A top reason to visit the city is the food scene, which is bountiful and varied, to say the least. No matter where you are in the city, there is something delicious to sink your teeth into from all over the world. So here is a meal from every continent that you can eat without having to venture far from Royal London House to enjoy.


Now, nobody is under the impression that there is even such a thing as “Asian” food – that is far too simplistic and totally disregards just how many cuisines are bustling around the country, from Japan to Vietnam. So, we have a few different cuisines to make sure you taste the variety Asia has to offer – that is, as best you can keeping in mind that a whole article dedicated to Asian food would still be a tricky limitation.

For top-notch Japanese food, head to Taro in Soho. It is a simple, utilitarian space with absolutely mind-blowing food. The duck bento box is an absolute win, and perfect for those looking to try a range of Japanese delicacies, from miso soup to melt-in-your-mouth sashimi. Alternatively, make your way to Asakusa in Camden – your closest tube stop is Mornington Crescent. Another unpretentious set-up, which only enhances just how flavour-packed the food is. Some crowd-pleasers from the menu include the pork gyoza, anything from the sushi menu, drool-inducing yakitori skewers and the beef shogayaki. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the options, don’t think twice about ordering a set menu and getting a little bit of everything (and hopefully trying something new, too).

Another pillar of Asian cuisine is Chinese food, which is a London speciality – especially in Chinatown. Just strolling up and down the streets of Chinatown is probably the only recommendation you need – the rest is easy and the smells usually lead the way. However, a great spot to try is Imperial China, which is a three-story Cantonese restaurant with the kind of menu off of which you are tempted to just order the lot. Though slightly further afield than Chinatown, Feng Shang Princess on Regent’s Canal is a very memorable experience. You read that right – it is on Regent’s Canal, as it is a floating Chinese restaurant-barge. The Peking duck requires booking 24 hours in advance, so you can only imagine how delicious it is by the time it hits your tongue.


Again, limiting a cuisine to a continent is impossible because sometimes even within one country (like South and North India as an example), there are different cuisines. There are still some obvious choices in London when it comes to food originating in Africa, though, the first of which includes South African restaurant Kudu. Their signature restaurant is in Peckham, and offers up classic South African flavours, like smokey meat dishes or peri-peri flavours. Potjie is a style of cooking in South Africa, traditionally cooked in steel pots, outdoors and served in a stew format.

Family-run Ethiopian restaurant Zeret Kitchen is the best place to explore the nuances of Ethiopian cuisine. It is probably one of the most authentic spots in London! If you have no idea where to start with the menu, why not ask your waiter to talk you through the elements, to make sure you make the most of the experience?

North America

North America is naturally a very large part of the world, so again comes with a set of difficulties when deciding the best regions for eating. One unmissable taste-experience from the continent is the American BBQ, which is done superbly at Texas Joe’s Slow Smoked Meats. This is a Texas-themed joint which really embraces the rustic-chill of the region – not to mention, the chicken wings… They will speak for themselves once you have tasted the first of your set of six.

Another North American region that can’t be overlooked is Canada. Maple Leaf in Covent Garden is a great outpost of Canadian cuisine, a pub which serves up tasty Canadian beers and an impressive array of Canadian dishes like the classic, beloved Poutine (chips, gravy and cheese curds, essentially) and fresh, piping hot corn dogs!

South America

Southern American food encompasses a range of cuisines, but one of the most adored is Argentinian. Anyone who has spent a few days seeing the restaurants of London will have seen the recurring trend of Argentinian steak houses. La Patagonia in Camden is hard to miss, located underneath a building painted with an Argentinian flag. They also host tango nights if you really want to get into the groove. Alternatively, there are a few Gaucho restaurants around the city, who specialise in Argentinian steak. Between the designer furnishings and cowhide fabrics, you get the whole package when visiting a Gaucho.


European food can include Italian, French, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese food… And each of those categories deserves a never ending list unto itself. However, general “European” flavours carry through each and every one of those cuisines, from fresh seasonal vegetables to tomato-based dishes, so it isn’t wholly incoherent to look for a European restaurant. The Wolseley does European flavours like no other, all the while maintaining a modern twist. A number of fine-dining restaurants (in London and the world-over) describe themselves as serving “modern European” food – essentially, this just describes fresh produce, a lot of delicious catches of fish, and light but wholesome flavours.


Granger & Co, which has four locations across London and serve up delicious Australian food – the kind of “surf’s up” plates that will transfer you from Kings Cross to Bondi Beach with every mouthful. Expect fresh prawns, shrimp and fish, which is combined with excellent flavours that get the sea-views forming in your imagination as you eat.

You don’t need to be on every continent to feel a little piece of them when in London – in fact, you can taste your way around the world while still staying in a London Montcalm property. This list is only the start – we would be here all day if we tried to list every single one. So, eat your way through this list and then take it on yourself to explore the many other options available throughout the city.