11 Things To Do In London For Teens

teens in london

So you have a trip planned to London, whether it’s with the kids or you and your mates getting away from home for a while, you’ll be looking for something amazing to do. And don’t you worry about it, London is full of activities; some of which you may never have expected! Seeing as you’ve taken advantage of The Montcalm Club Packages and booked yourself into The Montcalm London Marble Arch, you are perfectly located to explore the city and get stuck into some memorable activities with the family or your mates. Let’s take a look at the 11 best: 

Get a Scare at The London Dungeons

If you are struggling to get your teen interested in history, or you just like horror and gore, then head over to the Dungeons. Explore over 1,000 years of bloody history in the city, with this immersive experience. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is for kids, it’s really not! There are a few moments where even the most sullen of teens will jump out of their skin!

Get Full Access With a Stadium Tour 

If you or your teen is football mad (let’s face it, there’s a high chance!) then have a look at some of the stadium tours you can do around London. Home to the biggest and best sporting arenas in the world, you could do a lot worse; even if your team isn’t London based! Wembley Stadium offers an award winning tour, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be centred around football!

Get a Selfie With a Celebrity at Madame Tussauds

Well it’s kind of a celeb selfie. It still counts. Madame Tussauds is a London institution, attracting tens of thousands of visitors per year. Their collection of wax statues is ever growing, so head over and be amazed at the detail that brings these lumps of wax to life!

Sea Life, London Aquarium

London’s aquarium is magical; opened in 1997 it attracts 1 million visitors per year. They have an underwater glass tunnel, a shark walk, a penguin enclosure and you will get to sea much more. (Sorry, not sorry) The world class facility exists to aid their Sea Life charity, so all the money you spend goes towards ocean observation and things like beach cleanups. Sounds like the perfect deal to me!  

The Need For Speed… Boats

This is one of the activities that you tell your mates about and they will say “What?! A speedboat tour in London?!”. Well it’s true. You can grab a 50 minute white knuckle ride on a rocket boat up and down the Thames. Take in the sights in a unique and thrilling way. Whatsmore, your driver will actually stop and give some fascinating insights into the history of London’s most iconic riverside sights. Then they will splash you with freezing Thames water. 

The World’s Tallest Slide

Yes that’s right, London is home to the world’s tallest slide. Remember that red tower from the Olympics? Well that is actually the location of the adrenaline filled ArcelorMittal Orbit. (I don’t understand the name either!) This 50 metre drop will corkscrew you 12 times in its 178 metre run to the ground. Who knew London was good for adrenaline junkies! 

Experience the Magic at The Warner Bros. Studio Tour

It’s pretty much a given that everyone is a Harry Potter fan. A huge portion of the country grew up reading the books, and the rest fell in love with films. Well you can actually go and visit the studio where it all happened. Walk through the doors to Hogwarts Castle and into the Great Hall, fully adorned with floating candles and house flags. You can walk through the Gryffindor Common room, and even Dumbledore’s office. It is truly an incredible experience for any Potter fans out there. 

House of Vans Skatepark 

If your teen is a fan of BMX, skating, scooting and anything else skate park related; then head to the House of Vans. Found underneath Waterloo Station, this haven for street sports is absolutely awesome. With an underground skatepark built into the old arches, there are bowls, half pipes, spines- pretty much whatever you could possibly want. They host events in the skate park, as well as a street art gallery and street culture gallery. Seeing as you’re part of The Montcalm Club, you are not far at all from the House of Vans. Hop on the Jubilee Line to Waterloo Station, and you’re done!  

Paddleboard on the Thames

Yup, you read that right. There are paddleboard rental companies operating on the Thames! With a wide range of rentals on offer, you can book a lesson, go on a natural history tour, or take part in the ‘paddle and pick’ events, that have SUPers litter pick as they go. What a way to spend an afternoon in the capital. 

Feel the Adrenaline With Wire & Sky

Wire & Sky are the ultimate urban aerial adventure specialists. They offer some awesome activities that can even be purchased as a bundle. From abseiling in the Olympic Park, to climbing the 02 arena, and exploring the roof of the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. These guys will get your hearts beating, that’s for sure!

The Science Museum

After all that excitement, you’ll probably need to calm down a bit. Although The Science Museum may not be the place to do that. One of the largest science museums in the world, London’s offers you and the family an incredible interactive experience. Engage with science like never before, see the equipment used to get humans into space and create your own electricity. It is truly an awesome and immersive day out! 

So there you have it; 11 things to do in London that may be a little ‘outside the box’, but will create lifelong memories with your friends or families. After all this fun you can head back to the Montcalm at The Brewery for an incredible meal at The Jugged Hare and a relaxing evening recovering from all the excitement!