8 Tips for Flying With Little Ones

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Don’t let a resistance to flying with little ones put you off a fantastic holiday to London, where with The Montcalm Club Packages, you can have a world-class holiday at a great price and uncompromising luxury. Here are some top tips for flying with your kids to make sure there is no excuse for bringing them along next time you stay in a Montcalm property.

Take hard sweets 

Everyone has experienced that painful blocked-ear feeling when dealing with altitude changes on a plane. As adults, we are able to bear through it tantrum-free, as we know that it will soon come to an end. However, this is harder to comprehend as a child and sometimes a full-volume shriek seems like the only reasonable way through it. Sucking on hard sweets can help pop your ears back to their normal state – it also keeps them busy! Make sure you have a hefty supply in your bag or pocket to whip out when they are needed.

Bring entertainment

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Unless you are on a long-haul flight with in-flight entertainment, there is a significant amount of time in the air where your child is going to get bored. If you forgot to pack anything for them to do, or just didn’t have space when packing, then don’t worry – just head to the airport shops once you are through security and pick something up. Good things to look out for are puzzle books, colouring books, or even just plain paper for them to draw on. Even just a pack of cards can do the trick, and they are always on sale at the airport. Otherwise, bringing along your iPad or the likes with some games on it is never a bad shout, just make sure they are only used within the allocated time.

Child pain-relief

Not that you necessarily want to be whipping out bags of pills for your kids, but sometimes the air pressure, plane food or even just excitement of travel can do all sorts of disruptive things to their physical well-being and especially their tummies. It is worth keeping some pain medication on you for if things start getting unbearable for them – though it is advised you follow the instructions on the packaging and only resort to this in a case which you deem appropriate.

Bring sleeping equipment

No matter how badly you wish it was, travelling on planes is never quite the standard of 5 Star Hotels in London. However, as a child, there is the benefit of little legs which aren’t quite as cramped as yours. Encouraging your child to sleep whilst on-board can be a breath of fresh air for everyone – them included – so take along some sleeping equipment that will make the flight as comfortable as possible for them. A neck cushion is a good option, and maybe a blanket too. Try transform their admittedly tiny seat into a little sleep-sanctuary for them and you will find yourself with some happy travellers.

Get them excited about the destination

Whether it is an atlas, a book of pictures or even just a story, kids take well to getting excited about the place they are travelling to. Lonely Planet’s Amazing World Atlas app, for instance has a number of in-app games and quizzes where the kids can learn about where they are going – in this case, London! Even some picture books with their favourite characters visiting the city would go down a treat – Peppa Pig has been to London, and it is also home to Wendy from Peter Pan, Paddington Bear and the 101 Dalmations.

The more your child knows about where you are heading, the less likely they are to kick up a fuss about the transport method required to get there. So teach them all the interesting facts about the city you can get your hands on! There is a plethora of interesting facts which your kids will love.

Give them plenty of water

Flying leads to dehydration, which can encourage motion sickness – and nobody wants their child feeling poorly on board, for their sake and your own. It is particularly common for children aged 3-12 years old. Make sure they drink plenty of water. This may mean a few extra trips to the bathroom, but it will help decrease the likelihood of motion sickness. That said, it is not always avoidable, so make sure you have got some wet wipes and maybe a change of clothes to cover your bases.

Take snacks

Most unfussy eaters are not partial to air plane food – so if you have a little one who is known to turn their noses up at certain food, it is in your best interest to pack them a lunch box of all their favourite food. You also have the option of phoning ahead and booking a kids meal on the plane, if you are organised about it. However, if you don’t want to leave it to chance that they will like it, it may be best for you to take their favourites in a Tupperware.

Be nice to the cabin crew

There are times where you might need a little help – maybe in a situation, if you are by yourself, where only one child needs the toilet. If your child is old enough, it may be OK to leave your little one in their seat while you nip to the bathroom, but at other times you may want a smiling hostess or steward to keep an eye on them, maybe chatting to them so they don’t get upset or feel they have been left behind.

So don’t let the difficulty of flying with little ones put you off doing it – it is always so worth it provided you travel prepared, ready to combat boredom, hunger and any other obstacles thrown your way. Keep the cabin crew on your side so they can help you with things like snacks, drinks and bathroom-runs, and make sure there is plenty for your kids to do. Get them excited about where they are going and hopefully that will insight excitement about where they are.