8 Ways to Save Money This Christmas

christmas market in london

Christmas time is full of food, activity, experience and shopping – however, this doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to save over the period. Here are the best X ways to save money this Christmas without compromising on any of the yuletide elements that make it such a joyous time to be in London.


Staying in London can be pricey, but Montcalm hotels have a series of packages that will take the strain off slightly. They include hotels such as Montcalm Marble Arch and M by Montcalm and are aimed at ensuring you get the best possible deal this Christmas-time without completely breaking the bank. Compare details and packages and find the one that best suits both your price range and your holiday plans. For instance, if you want to spend the entire trip languishing in Montcalm Spa Dealsthen you may be tempted to stay at Montcalm Marble Arch given the incredible spa facilities on offer.

Visit Christmas markets 

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Though the temptation to spend money while visiting Christmas markets can be counterproductive to the purpose of this list, you will find that just attending them is a lot of fun and that you can do so without spending money. Walk around the market perusing the spread and humming along to the Christmas music being blasted around the crisp air and you will feel in the Christmas mood without feeling like you have to continuously pay money. Great options are Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park or the Winter Market at the Southbank Center. Depending on where you are staying, though, there is likely a market right on your doorstep – they are all over the show! For instance,

if you are staying at The Montcalm Royal London House, the Barbican Christmas Market is right around the corner from you.

Santa’s Grotto

You don’t have to pay entry fees for your kids to get a feel for Christmas in London if you head to one of the Santa’s Grottoes around the city. Your child has the joy and excitement of meeting Santa without you having to spend a penny! There are a few Santa’s across the city (though maybe don’t tell the kids that), including one in the Leicester Square Christmas Market and at Winter Wonderland. He is also making an appearance at Albert Hall! Just make sure you catch him before he has to head back to the North Pole for his Christmas Eve business.

Send e-cards

Not only does sending your Christmas cards by email make more sense environmentally, but it is also a great way to save. It is especially useful if you are spending the holiday away from home, as it means it isn’t something you have to add to your to-do list before you go – instead, you can just send it from the comfort of your London hotel room or the lobby. Ultimately, Christmas cards, though lovely, can be quite wasteful and people seldom keep hold of their cards after the Christmas season is over. So, why not cut out the middleman and put a bit of time and effort into designing an e-card? You will save on stamps and you will save the trees: a win-win situation.

Shop in Duty Free 

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When travelling to London, many people go via London Heathrow, which has one of the biggest Duty Free shopping areas in the world. Everything from cheaper perfume to discounted clothing is available, and it can be a great way to save a little off of gifts you would have bought at full price in retail stores. You will need to plan ahead, though, so that you have time to do some perusing and purchasing before your flight takes you to or from London.

Enjoy your hotel

Instead of paying to travel around London, there is money to be saved by staying in your hotel and using the facilities available, such as gyms or pools, as well as the restaurant and bar options available.

For instance, spend your afternoon tucking into Montcalm’s finest afternoon tea selection, or order a cocktail and a bite of delicious street food to eat at Hankies restaurant. Chat to your concierge and they will let you know about all the things available to guests. Making the most of what is included in your hotel package can be a money-saving game changer.

Christmas tree and light hunt

Christmas in London

London is sprinkled with a number of Christmas trees and light features that are free to look at and a marvel to see. The towering Christmas tree in Covent Garden, for instance, attracts thousands of admiring locals and tourists alike, while the Christmas lights on Oxford Street are a prominent feature of people’s social media accounts at this time of year. All along the Southbank, you will also find beautiful lights and decor to see. Turn it into a bit of a game – spend your evenings going from one sparkling feature to the next and get in the spirit of Christmas at no cost. On 5 December, the Christmas tree lights at Trafalgar Square are being switched on.

Christmas carols in Trafalgar Square 

From the 9th of December until Christmas Eve, in the run-up to this exciting community occasion, families and carol lovers gather in Trafalgar Square to listen to over 40 carol groups performing on the square, often for charity (with optional donations). The music fills the square and the harmonious chimes of Silent Night ring all around. What a priceless (both literally and figuratively) way to get into the mood and the spirit of Christmas! Whether you jingle all the way or dream of a white Christmas, this experience is an unmissable part of spending the Christmas season in London. Doing free things is the surest way of saving without feeling like you aren’t getting up to much.

See? Saving money does not have to mean skipping out festive fun entirely! Just employ any of these ways to save money and you will hardly find yourself wanting for anything over the Christmas season.