A Taste of London

Taste of London

As autumn makes an appearance the crisp nip in the air gets us contemplating about many different things. From new in season fashion, fresh out of London Fashion Week to digging out our woollies and getting ready to carve our pumpkins for Halloween at the end of the month. With all of this in our minds, parents across the country are also thinking of half-term, a week with the kids at home, often means time to take a break, go out and explore.

London is a great place to be in October, and along with the many different activities and attractions there’s also London Restaurant Festival, a line-up of mini menus, food events, tasting evenings and more, the perfect excuse to let loose the gourmand within.

London Food FestivalThere’s a lot to see, do and of course taste during this festival that runs for the whole month of October, but it’s not just all food. Depending on what tickles your palette, intellect or simply your preferred way to unwind, there is something for everyone.

Try your hand at a cultural voyage through the history of tea, followed by a tea-tasting masterclass along with exclusive access to the world’s rarest and largest privately owned collection of antique tea-ware including sets by Fabergé, and a teapot that was owned by Admiral Lord Nelson.

Food FestivalFood and art come together at the iconic Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, and its fantastic restaurant Gallery Mess. Take in an evening hosted by the artists and curators behind the current exhibition that starts with a private tour of the gallery with Rémy Martin cocktails, followed by an exclusive four-course dinner.

For those who’d rather simply get down to business and tuck in there’s a plethora of cuisines to explore  from tasting menu series and restaurant hopping  tours to  gourmet odysseys to some really fine dining, there’s just about everything your heart can desire and  palate appreciate.

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Bon Appétit!