Afternoon Tea Delights in London


London is famous for its afternoon tea delights which form the mainstay of tours in this part of the world.

Come to the city of London and enjoy the pleasures of being in a special travel destination filled with some of the most memorable ways of making things come alive on tours here. While here also binge on the special delicacies which are served in the hotels here and also enjoy the unique nightlife which is so much a part of the city.

Why Would One Come to London
London is not only famous for its royal charms but also for its regal and royal touch. One would come here to make best use of the available resources and also enjoy the overall delights of being right here in the confines of an amazing foreign land. Britain is famous for its cultural background and London gives this in plenty to the visitor.

Afternoon Tea Delights in London tours
Getting an afternoon tea that is really worthy on the pocket in London is really difficult these days. With the advancement of modern restaurants the afternoon tea concept is dying down though not done with. The age old ritual of being a part of the afternoon tea delights has pressed on the city a demand to come out with the best and the tourist scour the places around the city to get the best. However one does not get much and it is indeed much overpriced in fact. The city is filled with places to boast about and one only has to come back for more in terms of tea delights and afternoon pleasures.

The Delights of Being in the Milestone
The Milestone is for one a great place to be in and is set in the austere background of the brick building in Kensington. The place located on the border of Hyde Park also has the pleasures of being right opposite the majestic Kensington Palace. Any local would surely know where The Milestone is and with the landmark as such a posh place the café is really a pride for the locals. The tourists who come here to the most well preserved area in London would surely not mind visiting such joints and then of course one has other places to go like The Ivy Brasserie and the Design Museum. These are attractions which never cease to amaze thevisitor and then the fact the palace is also a major deal, makes the trips here very intriguing, charming as well as memorable for all. The Milestone Hotel Building was in fact constructed way back in the eighteenth century and it surely is not the oldest building in the city thus putting it in-between the old and the modern and making things more interesting for the youngster as well as the elderly.

The Beauty of the Milestone Hotel
The Milestone Hotel is a five star hotel with a difference and has that homely touch which is otherwise missing in the hotels of today. As one goes inside there is a feeling of being in rich British ambience and the interiors are incredible and grand and make the entire place extremely wonderful in terms of visual charms. One needs to be here on a gray London day and enjoy the feel of being closer to home. There are many reasons why one would come here, the decorated rooms and the world class personalized services being one and a bar that is surely the envy of many the other. The Ralph Lauren Polo Bar is also a deal that one should not miss and the afternoon tea here is the major attraction. There are facilities of ideal afternoon tea delights and everyone who comes here surely makes way for the best and is always prepared for the most interesting experiences while on tours here.

The Cosy Atmosphere in the Milestone
People usually come here just to feel comfortable and nice in the grandmother’s living room and the posh and sophisticated touch is what b rings more and more people here again and again. The place has a very charming fireplace and the wood panelled walls only make one feel more comfortable. The books, paintings and other things like the lead framed glass windows give one a reason to come back for more. Then of course there is the tea menu. People come and enjoy tea in the City Road Hotel but there is none to beat the afternoon tea at The Milestone.

The Tea Fare
The tea menu here has a wide range of selection and the traditional afternoon tea is something that one only can make out from the true sense of how world. The snacks and the Irish smoked salmon which is the main ingredient in the salmon sandwiches and the array of delicious pastries ensure that one can only wish to be here forever. Then there are tats, macaroons, éclairs and pastry feasts which are usually served on a tiered cake stand. Come here and enjoy the pleasures of the Lady Grey and the Earl Grey and enjoy the accompaniments. The Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea is another fare which is given with ales and whiskeys instead. Surely this is better than doing something in the likes of the Montcalm Club in London.

More ON the Tea Delights
The afternoon tea in London is usually given with a lot of snacks and one should not miss the scones which are a must here. These are usually served with the clotted cream from Devonshire and then of course the beauty and taste of the homemade jams which complete the entire deal. The scone is said to be the mainstay of afternoon tea and at The Milestone one only has to make sure that there is no space left to regret. With a very co-operative staff the genuine concern that they show is really flattering.

London truly is a land filled with ideal travel and tour requirements and makes way for some of the best in terms of unique and amazing tea pleasures in places like the Milestone in the city.