All You Need to Know About London City Airport

All You Need to Know About London City Airport

With London being one of the tourist’s capitals of the world, it’s no wonder there are so many airports direct into the city. With Gatwick and Heathrow being the largest, the others are often overlooked whilst actually being far more accessible than the goliaths of Heathrow and Gatwick. These smaller airports dotted around the city include Stansted, Luton, Southend and of course London City Airport.

London City Airport is located in the in Newham, at the Royal Docks and sits around 11 kilometres outside of the city centre. One of the main draws of the airport is that it’s so easy to get to the cities two financial districts – Canary Wharf and City of London where one will find the Montcalm Hotels, meaning that business travellers often use the airport as an easy route into the city, being one of the financial centres of the Western world. Opening in 1937, London City Airport consists of a single 1500 metre runway which is reserved for both public passenger flights and flight training. With only one runway, it’s surprising to know that over 4.3 million passengers visit City Airport annually and therefore it is the fourth busiest airport in London and the 13th busiest in the UK.

London City Airport UK

City Airport Flight Services

Around thirteen different airlines use City Airport as a landing and starting area. These include such airlines as British Airways, Easy Jet, Fly Be, KLM and SkyWork Airlines. Serving mostly European flights from European companies, especially cheaper and greater value airlines, City Airport is definitely the go to for those jet setters looking to travel on the cheap and quickly, making it especially suitable for business travellers who are only away for a few days.

City Airport Services

Everyone knows that waiting in an airport can take a lot of time and can leave tired passengers with little to do. City Airport is known for its stellar services which, although may not be 5 Star hotels in London, are definitely worth checking in early for. The pre security shops include a tasty pret a manger and a freshly baked Panapolis shop. Once you’re through security you can use the artisan bar and food service of Brick Lane Brew, who sell the best traditional Beigels, artisan coffee and craft beer in the whole of East London. On top of this, there are many other duty free shops and bars for you to enjoy whilst you wait for your plane.

Transport Links

As mentioned above, London City Airport is well known for its stellar transport links, making it a perfect urban airport for the busy traveller. In 2008, Business Traveller magazine rated city airport as having the best transport links in the world, and it’s no wonder with its super speedy Dockland Light Railway tram traveling all the way from city airport to destinations such as Bank and Stratford International. These great value trams take you right into the heart of London, whilst the bus and tax services running from the airport can take you to the more niche destinations in and around the city.