Attractions around Bayswater to make your stay Unforgettable


If you’re visiting London anytime soon, then maybe you’ve heard of Bayswater, or maybe you haven’t. Bordering Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, this is a part of the city that’s most certainly worth exploring, and in this article, we’ll be exploring countless reasons why you should make it your top pick for a town visit during your stay in the city. The area is close to many of the city’s premiere attractions. Although, unlike central London, it offers guests a more tranquil atmosphere and a more diverse range of hotel accommodations. Architecturally, the area features a diverse range of stucco terraces and garden squares, making it unique to say the least.

The Montcalm at the Brewery is one of the great Luxury Hotels London has to offer, and it’s located in this quiet part of town. So if you’re looking for an accommodation that’s a little further out from the mayhem and action in London’s central district (Think Oxford Street and Marble Arch) – yet one that’s not too far out – then consider Bayswater as your top draw pick for your stay in the city. It’s a delightfully charming part of the capital; that’s known to be home to many of the city’s top celebrities. Interestingly, Bayswater gets its name from the shortened form Bayard’s Wittering, a local spring belonging to William the Conqueror.

If you’re looking for a more distinctive shopping experience, then you’ll be in the right place here with Whitley’s shopping centre. It intimate shopping avenue is just a short walk down from Queensway station and features stores such as Zara, M&S Food, Pizza Express, a Cinema – and much more. It’s perhaps the most adorable and compact shopping centre in London and has been a mainstay in this part of town for nearly two decades.

In essence, maybe you’re starting to get a clearer view of Bayswater. It’s particularly suited to the traveller who’s already visited London and is looking for something a little different to what he’s used to. So if you’re that person who’s looking for a unique stay in the capital, consider Bayswater!