THe english and the Germans have a long history which goes back many centuries. Despite a fraught 20th century, the British royal family have a long history of marrying into German royalty, and vice versa. This is so prevalent that the real surname of the current royal family is Saxe Coburg and Gotha. Due to the events of the First World War, King George V changed the royal family’s name to the House of Windsor.


London - St Paul Cathedral, UK


If you look at our tastes, personalities and influences, the British and the Germans aren’t that different, and if you look around London, you’re bound to see some German influenced landmarks and sites. Whether you’re staying for a luxury weekend at the hotels in Shoreditch or your a German doing a spot of British interrailing, there’s plenty of exciting things to see with German influences in London.

German Historical institute


Based in Bloomsbury, the German Historical Institute is a research centre in Bloomsbury which is dedicated to the research and preservation of German history in the UK. with so much influence culturally on London, it’s not surprising that this facility can be found in the embassy heart of the city. With annual talks, q and a’s and other German based events taking place at the GHI, you can be sure to find an absorbing visit, whether to take part in events or to do some research of your own.


German art


Prolific artist Joseph Beuys has an exhibition from the beginning of June and into July which gives you a look into his major influences. In the Thaddeus Ropac in Mayfair, you can explore the story of this highly influential artist, who as myth has led us to believe, was a world war two pilot who crashed in the Crimea and was saved by a nomadic tribe. Since then his art has been made with materials that he was saved with, felt, fat and electricity.


Whilst Beuy’s work deals with the 20th century past of Germany and the darkness within, Katharina Grosse’s upcoming exhibition is an absorbing exploration of chromatic colour explosions and entire walls made of paint, creating new landscapes and abstract eye soothers.


Bavarian Beerhouse


With German draft beer and dinners served German style, the Bavarian Beerhouse is one of the most genuine German dining experiences in London. With a real traditional German atmosphere and friendly staff, the Bavarian Beerhouse is a must, even if just for nostalgic purposes.


German Deli at Borough Market

From beerhall’s to food markets, the German Deli is well known for being one of the tastiest street food stalls in Borough Market. First off, you can smell it for miles, the sizzling waft of German sausage is as a mouthwatering as the sauerkraut it’s served with. With so much on offer already at the tantalising market, the German Deli, professionally run by passionate chefs, this is a great treat in an historic part of the city, giving you ample opportunity to taste some wholesome and delicious German food.