Best Places to Get a Cup of Tea While In London


While visiting London, something that everyone must do, besides seeing all the big attractions, is have a cup of proper English tea. Scattered throughout London are tea shops and tea rooms, you cannot miss picking up some tea during your travels. However, if you are looking for some of the best places to pick up tea to bring back home, here are a few options for you.

Tea Palace: Offering the widest selection of quality tea in the UK, this modern tea emporium is dedicated to rediscovering the “proper cup of tea.” Founded in 2005 and continuing to grow, the Tea Palace teaches where their tea comes from and the different types of tea available.

Teanamu: Run by Chinese tea expert, Pei Wang, this small and independent store is not to be missed. Besides being able to buy tea from the store, the owner also invites his patrons to partake in free tea tastings. He takes pride and care in his tea which you can purchase at his shop in Notting Hill.

East India Company: One of the oldest and also the most history enriched tea emporiums around, the East India Company have been around for more than 400 years. Formed by request of her majesty, Queen Elizabeth I, these merchants have become world travelers and have brought England many treasure, spices, coffees, and world class teas. With many locations around England, the flagship store is located in Central London and offers a plethora of quality teas to purchase.

Twingings: Located on The Strand in London since 1717, the Twinings name is what usually comes up when mentioning English tea, and for good reason. The shop has a huge selection of specialty teas, coffees, biscuits, and cakes, as well as beautiful teapots, cups, and mugs. Also at this location is a small museum which looks at the history of the Twingings family along with unique items from the world of tea.

Tea Smith: Offering unusual tea options, the Tea Smith is located in Spitalfields Market. Inside there is Teabar where customers sit on a high stool while watching their tea being prepared. The combinations are endless and you will get two brews, so there is plenty to go around.

Tea House: Located in Covent Garden, the Tea House is already a landmark amongst the locals. Customers can select from over 100 tea varieties sourced from all around the world. While picking up tea, customers can also buy novelty teapots and accessories at the store.

Before that all those Meetings and Events in London that you must attend to, do not forget to take a tea break and pick up some authentic English tea.