Best Ways to Get Around in London


There are numerous ways to get around London, but here are just a few options:

First choice for travelling around London is the Underground or “The Tube.” This underground and above ground transit has 11 lines and connects to 270 stations throughout Central and Greater London. It was the world’s first underground railway system, opening in 1863. The Oyster card gives easy access to this travel and depending on what time you are traveling, can be the fastest and cheapest route.

Another popular option is the bus system. Again, the oyster card or bus pass is your access key on this mode of transport. Where the train cannot take you, a red, double decker bus can. Fairly inexpensive, however travel times can be longer, especially during rush hours. However, if you snag a seat on the top deck, you can get a great view of the city and see a lot of attractions on your way.

The Emirates Air Line offers easy and quick access to parts of London. The duration of a single crossing is ten minutes and only five minutes during rush hour, as the speed is increased. Public transport in London can be a nightmare and it is also packed, especially during rush hour. You will not find that crazy rush on the cable car. At the worst, you may find yourself sharing a gondola with a group of overjoyed tourists. Tickets for the cable car are pretty reasonable and offer a non-stop, round trip, on board audio tour, and free entry to the Emirates Aviation Experience exhibition. Oyster pay as you go customers will need to collect a Boarding Pass from the ticket office.

London has a great public bike sharing scheme that are available 24/7 and open 365 days a year. “Boris bikes,” named after London’s Mayor Boris Johnson, are available to hire at any docking station terminal scattering around London. Just swipe with a bank card of the easy touch screens and follow the instructions. The bikes can be taken anywhere from Shepherds Bush to Canary Wharf and Wandsworth Town to Camden Town. Simply hire the bike, ride it where you want, and then return it to any of the docking terminals.

For first time travelers, London can be a big and overwhelming city. The “Hop On-Hop Off” buses are great way to get around London and to learn about its history and culture. They are a common sight in central London and the majority are open-top, double decker buses. There are numerous types of tour buses in which to purchase a ticket, most offering a 24 hour time limit per ticket. You can book your tickets on-line by phone, or you can purchase them once you arrive in London.

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