The best and worst things about moving to London


Despite its worldwide image of luxury, entertainment, and the nature of its spectacular events – London can also seem noisy, overcrowded, and brash. With any city, there are pros and cons. Here, we’ll be taking a thorough look at the best and worst in the capital – so that you can be better informed should you decide to visit.

Whether you decide to book your stay at the Luxury Hotels London or more of a budget hotel, we hope that after reading this piece, you come into the city more informed about the city’s positive aspects as well its few negative aspects.

London Hotel Packages, especially during the winter season, can be quite affordable. During the peak season of the summer, booking a flight and an accommodation package can be quite expensive. Naturally, early winter, close to the festivity of Christmas time and the New Year, can be a great time to visit the city of London. Streets and avenues around central become decorated and lighted, bringing a unique flair to the city. In short, book your stay during Christmas if you want to save some cash and see the city from a unique perspective.

Some might have reservations about the cold, but London isn’t known for its extreme temperatures. In fact, it’s rare that the temperature will dip below zero Celsius, and so while the weather won’t necessarily be the most agreeable, it will be liveable. Besides, a little wind and a few chills never done anyone harm (so long as you’re wearing a coat and gloves!). So the weather is most certainly average, and some might say quite dreary.

Nonetheless, there are many positive things about the cultural experience available in the city. For one, London is home to a plethora of amazing attractions, including but not limited to: The London Eye, The Tower of London, The Big Ben, the o2 Dome, and Buckingham Palace (for those who are interested by the monarchy in England). On top of that, you have the West End – filled with incredible theatre featuring some of the most popular shows worldwide. So in terms of things to do, you most definitely won’t be short in this city.

Typically, citizens and staff in the city do what they can to help tourists in the city. Seeing as it’s officially the world’s most popular travel destination, there’s most certainly a tourist culture, so you won’t feel alone should you decide to visit. Staff at the London Underground are usually friendly, and courteous enough to give you clear, helpful directions should you need to ask. In essence, while the city’s weather might not be great, and the costs of the city can be quite high, there are far more positives than negatives about this city.