Brilliant Benefits: The Montcalm Club – Premium Membership Built for You

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Time is precious; especially nowadays when, for right or wrong, time seems to be at a premium for so many. So, those who frequently visit London either for leisure or for business – or both – deserve to be indulged during their time spent away from home. They deserve not just to stay in the best accommodation there is (with the best rooms and suites and amenities and staff to tend to their every need, desire and whim) but also to be rewarded for their loyalty. To that end, the Montcalm Group of luxury hotels in the UK capital invites its repeat guests to join a select, elite group of individuals – The Montcalm Club.

Sounds like a conventional loyalty programme, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. The Montcalm Club is a premium membership offering that’s designed to make sure your every stay at any and every one of the Montcalm properties is as comfortable and complete as possible. It’s our aim that when you come to stay with us, your time spent with us doesn’t just ensure that, for you, London becomes a destination, but that the Montcalm family of hotels becomes a destination.

loyal club

A loyalty club built for you

And that’s because unlike other hotel loyalty programs, The Montcalm Club enables its members to accumulate and redeem points not just for rewards but for elements of their valuable time spent at any of our hotels in order to genuinely best suit their individual needs and desires. Those who work and service you, our guests, at our properties pride themselves in delivering the very best experience possible for you – and by becoming a member of The Montcalm Club, you can help ensure they can do this; you can help ensure your stay with us is even better tailored to your comfort and the completeness of your time spent away from home.

We like to think then that, as a guest programme, and as it’s developed, evolved and delivered for its members, The Montcalm Club has – like our properties – become synonymous with luxury, quality and, most of all, trust. And we’re confident that should you yourself become a member, you’ll agree with us this is because the club focuses on the following benefits for those who are among its loyal ranks…


No high-quality loyalty club would be worth its salt if its registration process wasn’t easy and user-friendly. It’s the first experience for the guest; the first impression they’ll get of the programme. And that’s something we’re only too aware of. We want to ensure you’re confident this is the accommodation club for you right from the very beginning – and for that reason we’re sure you’ll agree that to become a member of our club you’ll find it a quick and stress-free process.

So, how do you become a member? Well, by simply following the easy steps on this very website or requesting to do so at the reception of any of the Montcalm hotels; it’ll take you just a few moments at most. Moreover, as soon as you join you’ll earn 100 points without having to do anything and, naturally, you’ll accumulate points whenever you stay at one of our properties, while your ‘tier status’ in The Montcalm Club will increase as you do so and, with that, the benefits available to you will increase too. In summary then, here’s how you can register for the club:

  • ● Register at the reception of one of the Montcalm hotels
  • ● Register at our website (
  • ● Telephone the club’s customer care team by ringing +44 (0) 20 7479 2244/ 2264
  • ● Send an email to the customer care team at
  • ● Contact the club’s central reservations team by ringing +44 (0) 20 7479 2233

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Tiers and benefits

As noted, by joining the club and returning to our Montcalm family of hotels whenever you stay in London, you’ll move up through the tiers – or levels – of the programme (See our tiers & benefits here). There are four tiers; Classic, Silver, Gold and Platinum. As you move through them, you’ll be able to enjoy a welter of world-class accommodation experiences, enhancing your stays in the UK capital and, we hope, leading you to the conclusion that no hotels in London do it as well as those in the Montcalm family. So, looking a little closer then, the four Montcalm Club tiers are:

  • ► Classic – inevitably, by joining the programme, you’ll become a Classic member and as one you’ll be able to enjoy a complimentary bottle of water, newspaper and free fruit on each day of your stay

  • ► Silver – you move up to Silver member status following completion of either two eligible stays or four eligible nights across a (rolling) 12-month period at one or more of the Montcalm Group hotels. In addition to Classic-level privileges, you’ll be able to enjoy a complimentary deluxe fruit plate in your room/ suite and a complimentary room upgrade to the next category and an extended checkout (the latter two features being subject to availability)

  • ► Gold – you’ll move up to Gold member status after having enjoyed 20 or more eligible stays with us across a (rolling) 12-month period and, as a Gold-level member, you’ll be able to enjoy Silver-level privileges, as well as a 20 percent discount on all laundry and the same discount at the spa facilities at participating Montcalm properties, early check-in (upon request and subject to availability) and a room upgrade when your 30th night spent at one of our properties comes around (note: advanced reservation is required for the latter feature)

  • ► Platinum – finally, you can achieve Platinum member status upon staying at one or more of the Montcalm hotels for 40 separate, eligible stays or 60 eligible nights across a (rolling) 12- month period.

In addition to Gold-level privileges, as a Platinum member, you’ll be able to enjoy an exclusive gift for reaching this highest tier of the programme; a welcoming drink for you and every one of your party by way of a personalised room-check-in from us to you; permanent access to the hotels’ club lounges for as long as you belong to the Platinum tier; a complimentary movie package throughout each stay and an exclusively free one-night stay in a junior suite when you pass your 60th night at one or more Montcalm properties across a (rolling) 12-month period (advance reservation is required for this latter feature).

Redeem points and earn rewards

As mentioned above, The Montcalm Club is no ordinary reward scheme – and yet, like any decent loyalty programme, it most definitely does reward its members for their loyalty and, of course, for their loyalty to the Montcalm group of hotels as a frequent guest. And the other major way it does this, in addition to enabling you to move up through its tiers and accrue the aforementioned benefits as you do so, is to redeem the points you earn as a guest of the hotels, while belonging to the club.

And we think you’ll agree that redeeming the points you build up isn’t just extremely easy, but highly beneficial. For, doing so means you’re likely to be pampered even more by our staff when you stay with us and even be able to stay with us entirely for free – well, within reason, of course! How? Just read on…

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Staying for free – for one night or more

So, by earning an increasing number of points you can redeem them for free nights at our various accommodations – but what free-night benefits can you claim? Well, should you achieve the following numbers of points (as a minimum) you can enjoy the likes of the following:

  • ● One or more nights’ free stay in a standard double room on redeeming 40,000 accumulated points
  • ● One or more nights’ free stay in a standard Club room on redeeming 60,000 accumulated points
  • ● One or more free nights’ stay in a suite on redeeming 80,000 accumulated points.

(Please note, however, that the three benefits listed above here are examples only, in order to give you a decent idea of the benefits available by accumulating points from each stay at one or more of our hotels)

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The Montcalm luxury hotel experience

So, what could be better for a frequent traveller to London than joining an exclusive and premium club that indulges its loyal members at a family of luxury hotels even more so than the already indulged guests staying at them? After all, let’s not overlook the fact that a trip to the UK capital spent at any of our hotels is to experience one or more nights of sheer indulgence and comfort. We like to believe that those who set foot in our accommodation are just seconds away from enjoying a truly world-class guest experience – and that’s something that those who stay with us (and especially our loyal club members) agree with.

Each of the six 5-star Montcalm luxury hotels are located in the heart of the capital – in locations ranging from Marble Arch in the West End to Shoreditch in the City of London – and beautifully and subtly blend old-fashioned hotel splendour and grandeur with 21st Century comfort. To experience a stay in a Montcalm hotel then is to experience a comprehensive stay-package, each room and suite may be luxurious in terms of its appearance and amenities, but it’s also modern in their delivery. You’ll find they’re appointed with satellite TV, mini bars and personalised aroma scents, while also providing iPod docking stations, complimentary Wi-FI access (which is actually available and free for guests throughout each of our hotels) and a collection of different pillows to be selected from a pillow menu.

Additionally, a variety of dining and drinking options can be discovered across the half-a-dozen different hotels – from brasseries to bars to general restaurants – while fitness centres and spas are also a mainstay within Montcalm accommodation, as are the many and constant deals to be made on your stays with us, namely London hotels packages.

All in all then; why wouldn’t a keen and frequent visitor to London – whether they usually come to the capital for pleasure or for work (or both) – not want to take advantage of all that’s possible thanks to stay in a Montcalm hotel, especially by becoming a highly-regarded and regularly indulged member of The Montcalm Club as well? Why, indeed!