Check Out The Fashionable Side Of London


When it comes to fashion, there are two cities that catch out attention simultaneously. One is Paris, one of the most fashionable cities in the world and also the venue of many fashion shows, and another is the royal capital city, London. London has been a strong competition in the world of fashion for Paris and both these cities are regarded as the mecca of the fashion world. If you are planning a trip to London, and if this is your first trip to the capital, you are bound to get amazed by the numerous exclusive fashion stores of top of the line fashion brands, those which you have been following in the best fashion magazines in the world.

Before we move on to the fashionable side of London, let us check out what it has got to offer its visitors. Whatever be your taste and preferences, you are bound to find something that will interest you. It is said that this city has got something for everyone. Well, since it is accommodation that comes first whenever someone travels to a city, this is probably going to be your first point of concern as well. London is among the costliest cities in the world, and there is competition with Paris in this segment as well. Finding the right accommodation which will be within your budget as well as conveniently located, thus, might seem like an uphill task. But, fact is, it is not so.

Check out Montcalm Hotel London and you will be amazed by the number of options you have got. If you are looking for some luxury and do not mind the price much, you have got some of the finest and most luxurious options that will literally make you feel like a royalty. Those who do not have such a high budget will find options that will comfortably slip in your plan as well.

Do not forget the Shoreditch Hotel if you wish to stay at one of the most elegant parts of London. The hotel is located in one of the most fashionable streets in London and offers a classy staying experience. But, it might not be for everyone’s budget. Do check out the available rates and options and decide. If you are early enough, you might even bag a discounted rate for being an early bird visitor. All over London, there are numerous hotels which follow such patterns to encourage guests to make early bookings. It is sensible as well. Since London is among most visited cities, it is always safe to get the booking done in advance to as to avoid any unnecessary last minute scuffle.

Once you are all set with accommodation, it is time to chalk out a plan to explore the city. Do not attempt at visiting every attraction of London on your first visit. It is not worth the rush and you will miss out a lot in the process. Travelling is not about getting beautiful selfies before major attractions. It is about experiencing, about knowing a part of the world which was earlier unknown. London is a city which you will have to explore and take time doing so. Chalk out your route and plan your days. There are numerous attractions and exploring those you can in the best possible way if better than skimming through a number of them without actually knowing any one of them. Do give those fancy rides a miss if you are interested in the city. It is always best to check out London on foot. There are numerous untold stories associated with each road and lane. Take time to listen to them and check out the attractions as well while you are passing by.

Shoreditch Hotel The fashionable side of London can also be witnessed while taking a walk through the city. There are a few streets in London which can be easily dubbed as the most fashionable streets in the capital.

1. Redchurch Street

Those who are staying at the Shoreditch Hotel are certainly going to check out this place and its stores every time they move in or out of the hotel. It is one of the most fashionable streets of London and has got the top fashion brands such as APC and Sunspel. Shoreditch is known for the crisp, sharp and vintage collection of boutique menswear. Sunspel is quite a favorite of Prince Charles too. Who knows, you might just run into the royalty on your visit to the store. Another fashion store that stands out in the lot is Hostem, where reclaimed woodwork makes it a treat to the eyes of the beholder.

2. Mount Street

This is one of the finest recluses of some exclusive fashion stores and upmarket tailors. Hayward is among the top tailors, which is located in Mount Street. The street also is home to Pringle and Lanvin, a top of the line fashion store which allows the visitors check out the latest in the fashion world.

3. Lambs Conduit Street

The Bloomsbury street is well known for its men’s fashion stores. Folk Clothing, Oliver Spencer and Private White VC are among the top brands found in this part of the city. There was much hype when J Crew opened up their exclusive store on this street. If you love going through a number of options, do visit the street and check out all that it has to offer.

There are many route plans available to check out the historical side of fashion, but you won’t find many that allow you to check out its fashionable side. So, simply make one that will be most convenient as per the place you are staying. London has plenty of fashion stores all across it. You will not be able to miss them even if you wanted to.