City Summer holidays – perfect for learning and for fun

Bank of England Museum

A summer staycation with the family at the one of your favourite Montcalm hotels in the City of London is simply ‘famtastic’ fun! Enjoy prefect summer unwinding in London with our special summer package – A Family Affair.

While its time luxe unwinding and oodles of fun, there’s always time for a spot of learning with fun, and even better when it’s rather convenient. Head out to the Bank of England Museum near Bartholomew Lane, after a fuelling up on a hearty decadent full English breakfast with the family. A three to five minute ride on the south bound Northern line or a leisurely fifteen minute walk will get you there.

This fascinating museum hosts a variety of displays and rooms that you can walk through which explain the purpose and history of the bank. Features include a rollerball game and an interactive timeline that shows you the history of the financial past. You can also hold a genuine gold bar! Keep an eye out for a million pound note too. One of the most exciting and popular exhibits allows you to take the helm of a virtual boat to set monetary policy with the aim of keeping inflation on a stable course.

The museum’s various education programmes are modelled across key stages 2 to 4 and above, with 60 min cinema presentations that covers a varies number of topics like value of money and prices, spending and saving decisions, what the Bank does to keep inflation low, maintain trust in its banknotes and keep the financial system stable. These presentations are free of charge, however must be booked in advance via telephone or email..