Considering the best time to visit London


London is one of those cities that people feel they just have to visit. It’s been popularized everywhere throughout the ages, and continues to be the most visited tourist destination in the world. Here, we’ll consider what the best period in the year to visit the city is. In our opinion, the spring – where the temperatures are mild, the trees are brimming with life, and it’s not too busy – is the ideal season to visit the city.

While one would think the summer is usually the best time to explore a new environment, London isn’t particularly well known for its sun or soaring temperatures, so visiting in the summer won’t do much for visitors in that sense. Although, with fair respect, summers in the capital in recent years have been quite sunny and warm. Nevertheless, the barrage of tourists and the costlier accommodations during the summer, make us sway with the spring as the ideal season. Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning that the Spring is also prime tourist season, just a little less so.

The Family Packages London also provide tons of exclusive rates throughout the different seasons. The fall and winter can be particularly rainy, and naturally we don’t recommend visiting during these periods. Of course, you would save expenses on flights and accommodations – but we doubt the savings are worth the sacrifice in the general ambience and weather of the city.

Key events between March and May – which we believe is the best time of the year to visit are: The Oxford Cambridge Boat Race, the Virgin London Marathon, and the Museums at Night. Either way, you will have a fantastic time in London if you visit it with an open mind. If it’s your first time, we recommend your purchase a London Pass – which gives you automatic entry to the city’s premiere attractions which include:  the Tower of London, the Big Ben, the Kensington Palace, the London Bridge Experience, the Thames River Cruise, and much more.

In conclusion, London’s weather has never been its resounding feature, but you can pick the season that gives you the best balance between good prices and reasonable temperatures. During the spring, the parks are particularly inviting, and with the range of Royal Parks in this city, visiting in the winter would make discovering these green spacesa little more impractical. It’s also worth pointing out that, those visiting in the Winter will restricted by the shorter days – limiting the full scope of what you can do in a single day. Visit London in the spring to get the full taste of what the city has to offer.