Discovering Luxury Cinemas


Luxury cinemas aren’t something you ordinarily come across. Three of the most popular cinema chains in London are: Cineworld, Vue, and Odeon. But if you’re looking something a little different than what you’re used to, then we’ve got a few options for you to consider in this article. Should you decide to stay at the Luxury hotels London then you’ll want to make sure you at least one of the venues below.


The Coronet Cinema is housed in simple plain building besides Notting Hill station. If you haven’t watched a movie in one of these older, classic venues then we recommend the Coronet for your first time experience. Not only does it show emerging movies from new talent, mainstream movies are also shown. Besides that, movies on Tuesday only cost £3.50.

The Electric cinema is one of the cinemas you’ll find with leather seats. It shows blockbuster movies as well as older classics that usually don’t show at the Cinema. So if you’re looking to revisit some classics on the big screen, then the Electric Cinema is the place to visit.

The Gate Cinema is an intimate, small luxurious cinema – synonymous with the first class hotels found in the area. Showing international movies and renowned classics, and offering a kid’s club on Saturdays – it’s the ideal cinema to visit with your family on a weekend in London.

Why do movie theatres attract millions of people ever year? Well, when you consider that millions of dollars have been invested in a single feature film, built around a story that not only evokes emotion, but also boasts special effects, incredible storytelling and character development, and a different perspective from the one which we lead our lives with – then this medium is by far one of the most potentially transformative mediums by which not only can we entertain ourselves, but also by which can educate ourselves. Of course, that very well depends on the nature of the movie and its quality. But it’s important to realize that the aforementioned cinemas don’t just boast new feature films, but also timeless classics.

Film symbolises many of society’s problem. With the Luxury hotels London and a stay at the M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech city, not only can you enjoy all the best luxury film venues within convenient distance, you can also experience luxury accommodation at its finest. London boasts accommodations that are unique in what they offer – due to the number of tourists and business travellers that frequent the city. It would be a mistake to miss out on the experience….