Discovering Paddington


Sometimes, there’s more to an area than catches the eye. Paddington in London is one those spots, and here we’ll find out what makes it worth living in during your stay in the capital. Those who are willing to explore the area a little more deeply will find numerous activities and delightful shops. Besides, the Montcalm London Marble Arch is found close by, which is one of the many luxurious but affordable hotels in the area. Here, we’ll take a look at London Paddington Station – A few simple facts and everything else you need to know about this location.

With its interconnections, Paddington gives you quick access to Heathrow Airport through the Express train – in just 30 minutes. And with the number of different services, you can also get to destinations such as Cardiff, Brighton, and Oxford. So, if you are looking to spend a bit of time outside London during your trip, then Paddington is perhaps the most suitable location for you in terms of convenience. Plus, it’s one of the most eloquent areas – found close to places such as High Street Kensington, Hyde Park, and Buckingham Palace. It strikes a great balance between connectivity and an idyllic location in the heart of London. Plus there are a ton of great international restaurants throughout the area.

The temple studios is found right next to the station, and features one show – The Drowned Man – A Hollywood show. It’s not a conventional theatre experience by any stretch of the imagination, and it lasts three hours. Besides that, it’s thrilling at every turn, and is guaranteed to leave you at the edge of your seat. For that reason alone, it’s worth visiting Paddington, even if you don’t decide to reside there.

The Serpentine boating lake in Hyde Park isn’t found too far away from Paddington, and is scenic to say the least. Set in gorgeous Hyde Park, it contains more than 110 rowboats and pedalos – allowing you to float along with the movement of the lake and embrace the tranquillity of the surrounding nature. It’s been dubbed the Serpentine because it envelops the west of Hyde Park. If you’re looking to get a relaxing break in London, then Paddington offers you close vicinity to this peaceful spot and the rest of Hyde Park. The Paddington Waterside is found nearby and gives you the chance to connect to other areas of London on a marvellous boat trip.

In conclusion, Paddington is one of the best locations for business people and travellers looking to get a taste of London. It offers more than you’d expect, and by staying at one of the hotels here for five days, you can get a relaxing, intimate experience of London at its finest.