Eat, Sleep, Chill, Repeat


Montcalm, the hotel company, have begun to take London by storm with a total of four hotels scattered around the city. With Shoreditch fast becoming the place to go, it was only natural that Montcalm would have a slice of the action and put a brand new Montcalm hotel in the area.

Opening in 2015, M by Montcalm is the rebellious younger brother of the Montcalm hotels, with a futuristic, stylish look setting it apart from the classic styles of the rest of the Montcalm family. This 18 storey building holds 269 rooms and suites with mood lighting, that can be changed through a tablet along with sound, temperature and the scent in the room. It is packed full of the usual amenities that you would expect in an elegant Montcalm hotel such as plasma televisions and high speed internet, as well as a stunning ensuite with a rain shower and complimentary toiletries from Elemis and Hermès.

Eat & Drink

There are two restaurants in the london hotel; there is Tonic & Remedy which is located on the ground floor and also covers the mezzanine. This restaurant is being fronted by Great British Menu chef Paul Welburn who has concocted his own take on classic dishes such as Smoked Eel and Mackerel, in contrast to the usual jellied eels, wild garlic risotto, Jelly and Seaweed Scones and rump of lamb shoulder shepherd’s pie with greens. This menu has been given the term “refined dining” where the food is classic with a twist. The cocktail bar is being run by Jeremy Pascal who has made a menu to pay homage to Shoreditch’s apothecary history; tipples include Patience & Thyme, which includes the ingredients thyme, gin and smoked egg, and Apothecary which is made of homemade peach butterscotch jam and rosemary. The second restaurant is set to be a more refined affair with an unconfirmed Michelin Star chef at the helm; it will be haute cuisine and will be set against the exquisite London skyline for truly stunning views.

Spa Treatment

M by Montcalm not only wants to give you the best night’s rest in its modern tech rooms, but it also has an onsite spa to relieve you of your day to day worries. M Spa is a sanctuary from the city and has highly qualified staff on hand to give you the very best treatments with the world’s finest products from Natura Bisse and ila-spa’s Organic Natural range.

A small selection of the treatments are:-

  • Facials


Ananda Face Therapy “the blissful facial

Designed to calm and illuminate, the Ananda Facial Therapy works to restore your skin’s natural luminosity by increasing the blood flow. Sandalwood and damascena rose otto oils are used along with techniques to reduce inflammation, to enhance energy flow and addresses hormone imbalance to leave you looking radiant.


02 Relax

Especially effective for those with dehydrated skin, this facial releases O2 molecules into your skin. The oxygen boosts your cells and restores your skins tone, as well as cleaning out your pores. This treatment really is a breath of fresh air.

  • Body Massages


Quiro Golf Massage

This is a massage like no other; it is incredibly therapeutic and is incredibly effective at relieving sore muscles, tension, stress and restoring energy. The unique notion behind this massage is using golf balls to improve flexibility and circulation and it is guaranteed to leave you feeling stress free and completely revitalised.


Kundalini Back Treatment “for soul nurturing”

Chakra and sound are used in this treatment to awaken the dormant energy at the end of the spine called the Kundalini. This allows the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems to be restored as well as balancing the body’s positive and negative energies. It is ideal for those who are physically and mentally exhausted as it gives you the boost you truly need, you will come out of the treatment a new person.

  • Body Treatments


Energising & Detoxifying Body Renewal

This treatment works wonders on those who are stressed and exhausted, it is even effective against cellulite. By using Himalayan Salt Crystals, tension is rapidly eradicated while circulation is stimulated. It leaves your body feeling brand new again, inside and out.

Mother to be

A perfect treat for every mother to be to have before the little one comes along. This treatment begins with a scrub to kickstart the lymphatic system as well as giving a radiant glow to the skin and, by using lavender, rose, argan oil and rosehip seed, the mother and baby will be completely at ease. Herb poultices are used to massage different points of the body to relieve any aches and pains that the mother maybe having, as well as relieving her of anxiety, excess heat and fluid.

As well as the spa treatments, M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City also holds a stunning steam room, sauna, gym and aerobics room. There is also a breathtaking pool that is beautifully decorated with gold leaf Versace tiles; it really is the epitome of luxury

Packages and Special Offers

The Montcalm hotel chain are renowned for putting their guests first and M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City is no exception. They offer a whole host of packages to suit your needs; whether you want an all inclusive shopping experience, a romantic break away, a family retreat or a business excursion, the M by Montcalm has you covered. There are even special offers for loyal customers, such as 15% off your stay, and discounts for those who book in advance. Most packages include a full English breakfast and, depending on which package you choose, you will also get some goodies for the children, shopping vouchers and even a turndown service.