English Meals to Try on Your Trip to London

The South Bank Lodnon

London is well known for its wide array of international cuisines. From Michelin Star restaurants in West London to the bustling weekend food markets, London is rife with great tastes. One element of the British cuisine scene is often overlooked though, and that’s British food itself. As such a multicultural and diverse city, London, is often overlooked for the food that the British are known for. Whilst tea is famously British (but is imported to the UK), there are plenty of hearty meals and drinks to try when visiting the city. Whether you are staying at a London 5-star hotel or are visiting a British friends house, these meals can be found across the country.

Fish and Chips

The classic British meal became a prominent staple of Victorian London after a Portuguese Jewish man started a friend fish shop. Whilst not strictly English due to the heritage of the first people to fry fish in the UK being Sephardic Jews, the fad gained traction and was featured in literature such as Oliver Twist and a Tale of Two Cities. Add mushy peas for a few extra vitamins, and there’s no stopping this battered beauty.

Ploughman’s Lunch

This scrumptious mix of pickle and cheese is the perfect rest for the toiling ploughman. With recipes handed down for generations, this British Lunch has a unique tangy taste.

Jellied Eel

If you want to try a traditional British eel delight, try jellied eel, available in many British seaside towns such as Brighton and Cromer. Jellied Eel is made using a spicy stock in which the eel pieces are boiled. The broth cools down, eventually forming a congealed, jelly like substance which is served with the eel and eaten cold.

English Breakfast

Sausages, eggs, beans bacon and mushrooms are just a few of the ingredients in the classic English Breakfast. If you’re suffering the morning after a particularly heavy night trawling the West End Bars, then this is the morning boost for you.

Bangers and mash

Creamy mashed potato and prime British Sausages are all you need for a wholesome meal. Often served with gravy and peas, bangers and mash are comfort food at its best. A classic pub meal and often cooked at home, you can even find great quality vegetarian sausages from the likes of Linda McCartney’s vegetarian food company.

Shepherd’s Pie

A mix of mash potato baked over mincemeat, gravy, carrots, peas and onions, shepherd’s pie is another home cooked and pub grub favourite. Tasting great with a little ketchup on the side, Shepherd’s Pie is a must try for wholesome home cooking.

Roast Dinner

There’s nothing like a roast on a Sunday afternoon. With a range of meats available, Sunday roasts are a traditional British dinner which makes use of the classic farming traditions of the country. With garden vegetables and farmyard animals, the roast dinner is the perfect tie off to your week.

Cream Tea

Cream Tea can include several different snacks and treats. Often served at hotel West End restaurants, Cream Tea is a mid-afternoon refresher which can include cake, scones, jam and other bitesize sweet treats. On top of this, you can often choose from a range of different teas, including the traditional Earl Grey, a great alternative to the builders brew.