Enjoy Movie At The Coolest Cinemas In London


Oh, so you are on a trip to London. Did you get everything sorted and in place? Are all the arrangements and bookings done? If not, complete these essentials right at this moment. It should not be unknown to anyone that London happens to be among the most popular cities in the world and gets a record number of tourists visiting the royal capital every year. The attractions are plenty. There are museums of London which do not charge any entry fee! It is quite an amazing deal in a city which is known for being the costliest in the world, but a wonderful one nonetheless. There are palaces of the royalties of England spread all over the city, Buckingham Palace being the center of attraction. There are also numerous royal parks and gardens, not only offering a relief from the monotony of concrete jungle but also free of cost location for a great family outing. And, in all of these, there is the art and culture which is so famous all across the world. London is quite well known for its deep connection with every form of art, which includes theater and cinema as well. No wonder, it is venue to some of the coolest cinema halls you will ever visit.

Whether you are staying in London for a long duration or visiting the city on a small vacation, there are some cinemas that you just cannot miss. Besides visiting the various tourist attractions within the city, enjoying a show at one of these cinemas one evening is equally entertaining and spectacular experience. Do check out the shows that are being run in these places and choose one according to your preference. But, before that, take a look at these cinemas as well. You just might decide to watch a movie to enjoy the ambience of the cinema.

Electric Cinema – If this is not the coolest cinema in the entire world, I don’t know what is. This is more than 100 years old and can be said as the father of modern multiplexes in terms of providing comfortable service to the guests. The cinema has 65 leather armchairs and each of them has a side table and footstool to accompany them. You will also find three 2-seater sofas in the cinema hall. And, as if that was not comfortable enough, they give you six double beds with cashmere blankets right at the front row. I don’t remember ever enjoying a movie show all tucked under a comfy blanket in a movie hall. Did you think that was all? Well, they sure know how to impress, because they have got arrangement for snacks as well as wines. Located on Portobello Road, this is one cool cinema that you should not miss out.

Everyman Selfridges – Located in Selfridges in Oxford Street, this is another cinema which is most unique and certainly the first of its kind. It is the first cinema ever in the entire world that is located in a department store. Not only that, the cinema comes with a retro mar, certainly the coolest idea one could come up with. There are 60 seats available, which is a mix of sofas and single chairs. You will be able to see all types of movies, right from the current hits to the old classics. You will have to check out which show is ongoing. The price is on the higher side, especially due to the location, but once you have enjoyed this you will feel that it is every bit worth the price.

Lexi Cinema – This cute little single screen cinema simply cannot be ignored. Located in Kensal Rise, this cinema is known for the beautiful ambience. There are cute comfortable chairs and offers the most spectacular sound system. But, the major attraction is its internal decoration. It has got an amazing internal décor and ceiling lights which change colors. That is certainly a first when it comes to any cinema hall you are ever going to visit. Also, there is another beautiful reason to watch movie in this cinema. This one is run by volunteers and the profit collection from each show actually goes to South Africa as charity. Thus, you have watched a movie and helped some in need in South Africa, all while being in London.

The Phoenix – I must admit, I have a special liking for this mythical bird, how it rises from its own ash! Thus, I could not help checking out a cinema by the same name, and I am glad I did. If you are looking for the English perfection and sense of style, this is one cinema that you just cannot miss out. Located on High Road near East Finchley tube station, this cinema takes you back in time to the days of British elegance. The ambience is spectacular and staffs are extremely friendly. You get highly comfortable reclining seats as you enjoy the show. This cinema’s interior décor has been left untouched over the years and thus you will still find that old English taste well preserved. Watching a movie in such an ambience is hard to forget.

Gate – When I first entered this cinema, I was simply dumbstruck by its interior décor. Those floral patterns and soothing and beautiful colors, they all reminds of the century old era when the British Royalty was the ruler. But, then it should. The cinema itself is more than a century old and has been well preserved all along with the art and design that was once its identity. You not only watch the movie, but the hall as well the entire time you are seated within.

The Montcalm Club With such beautiful places to watch movie, you must be wishing to check out London at the earliest. Why not get The Montcalm Club deals and save on your accommodation? Cinema is going to cost you quite a bit. Also, highly profitable shopping package London will come in handy when you are in the mood of shopping across the city.