Enjoying a family day out in the city of London


Family days out – how often do those happen? For many, not often enough. Which is why holidays can come in so handy – they allow travellers to make up for their hectic work schedules and embrace the loving atmosphere that comes with finding yourself in a new territory, unperturbed by your obligations back home. So make the most of your holiday this season by bringing your family to a destination that’s just as welcoming as it is full of delights and attractions.

What the Montcalm Shoreditch offers

The Montcalm Hotel Shoreditch packs in everything you need to experience a fantastic stay in the heart of the city, so that you do more than the just lap in attractions, but you also find the time to relax in an indulgent environment with your family. With the London hotels packages’ staying in the city has never been more affordable. Nearby to Shoreditch, families will find plenty of art, markets, and restaurants to keep them amused for the entirety of their holiday. While Shoreditch isn’t commonly promoted as a destination for families, its calmer atmosphere might be in fact, to be just what the family needs. It may be the hotbed of innovation in the tech world in London, but it’s most certainly not as busy as central London.

The Royal Museums in Greenwich

On your first of your trip, we invite you to explore the Royal Museums Greenwich has to offer. These include the National Maritime Museum, the Royal Observatory Greenwich, and the fan museum, a unique attraction which houses the world’s finest collection of fans! If that doesn’t seem to excite you, then a visit to the Science Museum would be more advantageous if you’re visiting with younger children. For a multitude of reasons, children have a curiosity for the world that’s heightened to an even greater degree when they travel.

Take a boat cruise on the river Thames to get an encapsulating viewing of Canary Wharf and the Greenwich peninsula. And also remember to take the Emirates airline cable, the 6 minutes flight through the sky is exhilarating from start to finish.