Enjoying a weekend in Central London


With the luxury hotels London, guests can enjoy one of the best hotel experiences in the heart of the city for an affordable rate – especially with the numerous family packages London. In this post, we’ll sharing advice on how you can make the best out of your stay. Since you won’t be staying for a long time, taking a Big Bus tour is highly recommended. It gives you a quick overview of the city’s major sights and attractions, allowing you to fully embrace the special London atmosphere in no time.

The best time to arrive is on Friday evening, so that you get a full night’s sleep. However, if you live close by in Europe, then you might be able to take the Eurostar, and arrive in the early afternoon after a morning trip. With our busy schedules, it can be hard to find a series of days for a holiday that’s longer than a couple of days. Rest assured that while you won’t have the complete experience of the capital with a weekend, you will no doubt enjoy it. It’s funny, but shorter trips force us to make the best use of our time and enjoy our break as much as we can. One of the benefits of these two day breaks is that they act as complimentary additions to the holiday days you have. Besides you don’t to stay in London for a long time, especially if you’ve been before.

There may be occasions in the year, where, we want to go on holiday, but due to our work commitments we reason that we can’t. Weekend trips strip that excuse way, and let you get the break away that you desire. For ideas on what to do, you can take a River Thames Cruise, enjoy a London theatre show at the city’s famous Leicester square.

Other than that, we recommend a 3 day London passes if you’re going to be arriving on Friday afternoon after a shorter trip. If you’re arriving on Saturday, then it won’t be worth getting a London pass, simply because they don’t provide a 2 day option. Some of the places we recommend visiting for the purpose of history are: The Cutty Sark Ship, the National History Museum, and the Royal Albert Hall. For a little more excitement, we recommend getting a view from the Shard, going to the Tower Bridge Exhibition, and taking a trip to the ArcelorMittal Orbit.

Aiming to do at least three unique things on each day during your weekend trip is one of the ways to go about your trip. Just because you’re only here for a couple – doesn’t mean you need to pack in as much activities as possible. In conclusion, a weekend is the perfect way to get out of autopilot mode, and come back home feeling recharged and energized. Book your accommodation at one of London’s premiere accommodations this year.