Enjoying the Wildlife in London


Wildlife isn’t something that people visiting London come to enjoy. After all, this is an urban city by all accounts, so enjoying the great outdoors with surrounding blooms of nature would seem absurd on the surface. Luckily, over the years, the city has managed to build an entire network of parks and wildlife spots that sprawl the capital. Of course these wildlife spots are not safaris or something akin, but there are zoos and parks with designated areas for wildlife. For instance, many bird watchers trek to Richmond Park to enjoy the wonderful assortment of birds. And just outside Regents Park, visitors can visit the famous London Zoo.

While London is an urban metropolis, one third of the city’s landscape is open or green space. Below we’ll take a look at our five most recommended wildlife spots:


  • Centre for Wildlife Gardening

Originally a local council depot, this venue has flourished into an exceptional wildlife spot in the south of London. This niche site houses a range of birds and pants.

  • The East Reservoir Community Garden

In 2008, the East Reservoir Community Garden was just a patch of mud. Both this place the neighbouring East Reservoir are currently being redeveloped to create a new wetland reserve, that’s unlike anything else, right in the heart of Hackney.


  • The Camley Street Natural Park

This park boasts a formidable location; just outside St Pancras station. So if you’re ushering yourself into London with the Eurostar then you’ll have the pleasure of conveniently visiting the park on the first or last day of your trip. Just before 2009, Camley Park was awarded a Green Flag Reward.

  • Crane Park Island

This local nature reserve in Twickenham in the borough of Richmond upon Thames, is a place with abundant sea life. Here you’ll have the opportunity to spot the legendary and colourful blue and orange kingfisher bird, or even the rare water vole (a semi aquatic rodent which looks similar to a squirrel in some respects).

  • Sydenham Hill Wood

Sydenham Hill Wood, managed by the London Wildlife trust, features: duck and wildlife ponds, an old railway path, an ancient ‘ruin’, and artistic wood sculptures. It’s full of incredible sights, and is a little bigger than some of the aforementioned wildlife spots.

By staying at a hotel like The Montcalm Club, not only will you be able to enjoy these fabulous wildlife spots but you’ll also be closely located to Hyde Park and Regents Park – two famous Royal Parks in the city.