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White cube is a renowned contemporary art gallery in London and has got two branches in the capital city of England. One is named as the Mason’s yard which is located in central London and the other one is the Bermondsey which is situated in South East London. Jay Jopling owned the gallery and it was famous curating Tracey Emin, Marc Quinn and Damien Hirst and few other internationally acclaimed artists.

Mason’s Yard is one of the two White Cube galleries in the city which is quite well known. It is considered to be the finest and the most influential exhibit exhibition spaces in the world for contemporary art. Originally it was established in the year 1993; however it was opened in September 2006. It was previously an electricity sub-station and is located off the Duke Street in St. James.

White Cube
This exhibition centre is quite well known and has high international standards of exhibitions and hosts other high profile programs. MRJ Rundell & Associates is the man behind the gallery design. It was the first ever free standing building that was built in the St James area in London.

What all Masons Yard has:
If we talk about the area the building comprises of two prime galleries providing a total of 1110m2 of exhibition space. The space is quite big in itself and thus, gives more and more space to exhibitors and artists to display their stuff in a well planned way. There is a ground floor gallery and one a double-height basement gallery which has plenty of natural light. As far as international artists are concerned there is no dearth of options from Georg Baselitz, Jeff Wall, Andreas Gursky, Miroslaw Balka and Robert Irwin.

Just like London City Suites By Montcalm are quite sophisticated and has no match, similarly the art by these artists has no match. Art has always been a intricate part of the city and people couldn’t turn their back towards the city without witnessing these enigmatic art designs by renowned artists.

This place was never too big as it is today. Earlier when it started was opened in one small square room in May 1993. The location had a gallery rule there that no artist can hold the exhibition twice there. Every artist can only exhibit once may be because of the lack of space. Slowly and gradually the White Cube gained great reputation as it was the first one to give one person shows too many budding British artists which included Tracey Emin.

As the name suggests it is a classic modern white box featuring glass roof and looks like a transparent cube only. It has got the concept of long slit windows. Moreover, the two gallery spaces carry exhibitions that offer the best of contemporary British art. If we talk about the exhibition space there is a total of 550 m2 and the height of the ceiling is over 4.5 metres. People those who are art fanatics can look for those intricate details in an artwork and they are the ones who can actually understand the value and worth of it. For such tourists it is quite mandatory to visit such places. Unlike other attractions and sightseeing in the capital city the Masons Yard is absolutely free. As far as the entry detail goes it is from Tuesday till Saturday starting from 10am to 6pm.

London has got countless art exhibitions including the National Gallery and Tate Modern etc. whether any traveler loves modern art or an Old Master lover you shall get everything you demand in terms of art and entertainment here in the capital city. Such art galleries in London are filled of hidden treasures and these are good enough to satisfy your inner artistic interests and cravings.

White cube used for previews earlier that was open to the crowds and on and off events used to happen and the square was filled up with the crowds. There had a small reception area inside the cube. There was a small exhibition upstairs which used to show up works of different arts. White cube also offers artists edition. History of the White Cube tells that in the year 1999 the Stuckists art group opened their own gallery as they disliked and opposed to the sterility of the white wall gallery system.

Towards the end of 2011 its popularity and fame started building up. The artists shown in the gallery include:
•    Gary Hume
•    Mona Hatoum
•    Chuck Close
•    Marcus Harvey
•    Martin John Callanan
•    Sarah Morris
•    Marc Quinn and many more

The White Cube Masons Yard has quickly risen the popularity charts in terms of art and artists. Today it is one of the most prominent and worth visiting art venue in London. Though, it’s a modern structure yet it gives a pale appearance and it was the first unattached structure to be built over many years.

Plenty of events and exhibitions are being hosted there. Every now and then you will find something or the other happening.