Experience London with a Walking or bus tour


If you’re looking for the best city tours in London, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll be sharing some of the most riveting tours you can take in the capital. Of course, you’re faced with a number of choices (in terms of walking tours) when you face the capital at large. In fact, with so many options – picking something might be a little challenging. And so, we’re only going to provide you with some of the best options the city has to offer.

The walking tours of London are a sightseeing tour agency that can be found in Camden High Street. With extremely knowledgeable guides, you’ll get a fascinating into the story behind London’s architecture and history. Many tourists often rationalize the idea that they don’t need a guide. And that much is certainly true. But if you’re looking to unearth a different side to the city taking a walking tour offered by London Walks or the walking tours of London can provide you with a much needed means by which to discover another side to the city.


Of course, you will be able to relish your experience in the city regardless. This is a place that’s been built on giving sanctuary to freedom of speech and ideas. And it’s the world’s financial hub – and gave the world modern banking as we know it today. Besides, there are plenty of attractions you can enjoy here i.e. The Big, The Tower of London, the theatres, the museums, and much, much more.

Other than that, we also recommend the famous big bus/Hop on-hop off tours. Save yourself from having to walk the whole day, and take in the major sights from the upper deck of an open top bus. Hop on-hop off bus tours are the epitome of freedom and education in the city – enabling you to see all of London’s top attractions, and many come included with audio-guides, professional guides, and separate walking tours.

In terms of accommodations, The Marble Arch by Montcalm London is a hotel venue that delights at every turn of the way – pitting you close to the aforementioned attractions. Moreover, the London City suites by Montcalm are just as good but favour those who are looking to be close to East London and Shoreditch – Tech city.

In summary, don’t forget to book a walking tour or bus before you arrive in the city. You won’t regret your choice, and your experience of London will be that much better for it.