Exploring the Cutty Stark Ship


The Cutty Sark ship is a treasure found on the King William walk in Greenwich, London. The boat has been preserved and remodelled as a monument to represent the UK’s maritime history. With a London Stay Deal in central London, you will have the chance to venture underneath and on this famous ship, and embrace it’s extraordinary magnificence. It’s length is 280 feet, and it has 11 miles of rigging. By today’s standards, it was quite slow – with a top speed of 19 miles per hour. Nevertheless, the fact that it’s the last intact clipper ship in the world makes it incredibly valuable.

In 2007, the ship was undergoing restoration and somehow caught fire. For several hours, the timber inside the boat crackled under the fire. The boat had to be restored at a cost of more than £5 million pound, demonstrating how important Britain deems this ship to be. Its height is truly bewildering considering how long ago it was built, and when you step in the boat, you get the full immersive experience. You can sit at the captain’s table, stand by the wheel, and have a truly tactile experience. You can even see the underside structure of the hull.

The Cutty Sark has travelled all across the world. It endured heavy weather, high seas, numerous repairs, and carried large packages of wine spirits and beer across the Atlantic. She was also used for wool trade between the UK and Australia as well as tea trading to and from Asia. Throughout its lifetime, it somehow just managed somehow to not be destroyed by enemy naval activity as it crossed different sides of the ocean to make deliveries. It’s visited every major port in the world, and for her glorious service, she was preserved in 1922 before being moved to Greenwich in 1954. Since then, the Cutty Sark been visited by more than 15 million people; although it was closed to the public between 2006 and 2012 so that it could work could be done to preserve it for the future.

If you are planning to visit London this year, or if you live here and you’ve never heard of the ship, then it’s worth the visit. Adult tickets cost £17.50 while children’s tickets cost just £7. The venue is open seven days a week, between 10AM and 5PM – with the last admission at 4pm. There is concise information displayed on the different corners of the ship, and you get a real sense of what it was like to be on this ship centuries ago. There are many exhibits for children, so if you are looking for a family day out – then the Cutty Sark is most definitely worth visiting. With the markets and parks nearby, you’ll have a superb day out in Greenwich and get an enthralling thrill from being on the ship.