Exploring London’s beaches


London’s weather often leaves much to be desired, so an article about the capital city’s beaches might come as a surprise. But you’ll be glad to find out that London offers a range of urban beaches that fill the desperate need for tourists to get a dose of sun and sand. Although sunny weather is often dependent on luck. After all, even during the summer, the weather can be unpredictable. Regardless, here we will uncover some of the attractions worth visiting when temperatures are milder and the climate is warmer. The invention of the urban beach has luckily meant that you no longer need to leave the city, but we will also look at some of the beaches that are easy to get to outside of London.

Beach East can be found near Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and is open between the 11th July and 31st August during the summer months. The beach in Brent Cross is found right opposite the shopping centre and provides visitors with free parking, and is wheel chair friendly. Guests are encouraged to bring their own picnic and seating. This venue is open between the 10th July and the 2nd September.

Camden Beach is a place that’s featured packed – with ping pong tables, pop up games, deckchair, and a beach bar. It’s open between the 17th July and the 23rd August, and can be located at the Roundhouse on Chalk Farm road. The South Bank beach is one the most glamorous urban beaches in the city, and is found in-between the Thames and the Queen’s walk. It might not boast the features that say Camden Beach has, but nonetheless – it can’t be beaten in terms of location since it’s right next to London Eye.

Taking a trip to one of these beaches during the summer shouldn’t be your main priority. While they do offer something pleasurable, they are no way near the equivalent of a real beach. Visitors who visit London don’t particularly choose to come here for the weather or the beaches (or lack of), but rather for the entertainment, attractions, history, and sights.

If you’ve spent a week in London and want to travel elsewhere, then considering going down to a Brighton for a more authentic beach experience. Other places just outside of London that have beaches include: Camber Sands in East Sussex and Mersea Island in Essex. A beach is only as good as the weather that surrounds it, which is why London isn’t particularly well known for it’s beach culture.London City suites by Montcalm offer fantastic accommodations for visitors looking for a stay close to the capital’s urban beaches.