London is known as a multicultural and very diverse city, and if you’re visiting from Scotland then there will be a surprising number of landmarks which will make you feel right at home. Whether it’s a namesake, a statue of a famous Scot or a restaurant with Scottish specialities, then you can find it here. You needn’t travel to Glasgow to get the best in Scottish culture, London has taste of it all. Whether you’re staying in 5 Star hotels in London or an outer London hostel, you won’t be far from a Scottish landmark.

Scotland Yard

According to legend, the building near Westminster which acts as the headquarters for the UK police got its name from the fact that before the police force’s use of the building, it housed Scottish diplomats. The name seems to have stuck, and has if anything, helped the building stick in the minds of the masses. With its famous rotating sign outside, it’s easy to see why it is so iconic.


Baker Streets best detective

From Great Scotland Yard to great Scottish authors, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who penned the Sherlock Holmes series back in the early 20th century, was a Scotsman himself. With Baker Street having been put on the map by him, you can now find a museum on Baker Street dedicated to the super sleuth, kitted out with Victorian era interiors and some of the props and original manuscripts from Conan Doyle’s novels.


Royal Mile Whiskey’s

Based in Edinburgh’s old town, Royal Mile Whiskies has set up shop in London and has brought with it a range of whiskies from up in Scotland. Whether you’re looking for a tipple for home or a large bottle as a souvenir, you can find a range of specialist whiskies from Scotland and beyond.


From Whiskey Specialists to pro distillers, Cadenhead’s is a Whiskey distillery dating back over a hundred years and to the highlands of Scotland. Now you can find a shop specialising in them in London’s Baker Street, alongside a real whiskey tasting room in the back. This is open for whiskey tasting sessions alongside party functions and other organised events.

William Morris Memorial

William Morris, the 14th century Scottish rebel who led Scottish tribesmen against the English and was executed for doing so, has a memorial plaque in Smithfield’s Market, where he was executed. The plaque can be found not far from East London’s Barbican centre and the Montcalm at the Brewery hotel. This memorial is a testament to the Scottish independent spirit and can often be found with wreaths and tokens of respect around the memorial.

Caledonian Club

Founded in 1891, this historic club is known for being a club house for Scotsmen in London. Located near to Belgrave Square, you can find the snooker society, golf society and many other high-class institutions making their home here. With a long history behind it, you will most likely not be able to enter the Caledonian Club unless you have a close association with Scotland.