Free things you can do in London


When we plan a trip to any new city, we can spend a lot of money in exploring attractions or indulging in experiences that are special to the city. But you will be amazed to discover that London is one of the most unique cities that offer a number of attractions that are free for all visitors. This helps you explore the city better and also keeps your budget in check or use this saved money on exploring other beautiful places of London.

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Here’s a list of popular London destinations you can visit and explore without spending a penny.

National Gallery

The National Gallery is one of London’s top-rated attractions and the good news is that is free. This gallery displays a number of masterpiece works by famous artists like Van Gogh, Renoir, da Vinci and Michelangelo and notable artists. This attraction is a favourite amongst most visitors coming to London and sees a huge footfall every year, so needless to say you too should put it on your itinerary.

British Museum

A haven of intriguing artifacts and remains from all over the world, this place will take you back to an amusing era. Explore the history, heritage and civilization of mankind from around the world and that too for free.

British Museum

Houses of Parliament

Here you can marvel at the gorgeous art and architecture of this vital building of London. All the news and the major decisions of the country take place here, imagine the experience of being in that building. Discover current and historical political events along with the paintings of political dignitaries for free.

Tate Modern

Here you can enjoy free art, architecture and cafes with a view along with some stunning street art more for free.

Parks of London

Depending on the weather, in London you can enjoy spending time in massive, royal parks featuring swimming pools, picnic spots, boating, walking paths, gardens, statues and more. To name a few you can visit the famous Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, Richmond Park and the Victoria Park.

London Markets

London is famous for its Market and the unique things you find in its many weekly markets. Popular for its boutique shops and local artists these markets are always the most buzzing shopping spots of London. Depending on what you like, you can go the Camden Market for Goth and grunge shopping, Portobello Market in Notting Hill for antiques and retro style shopping, Brick lane market moments away from the M by Montcalm London Tech City hotel. You can explore the Jubilee and Apple market in Covent Garden, Alfie’s Antique market, Greenwich Market for food and shopping, the Old Spitalfields market, South Bank market, Borough market for world food, the Broadway Market in Hackney, Columbia Market for lover of flowers and Maltby street market for foodies. With every market you will enjoy a unique feel of London and its people.

Museum of London

Dive back in the prehistoric era as well as the modern times with the beautiful displays of the galleries here. From the Mayor’s Golden Coach to the Georgian garden this is place is spectacular in every way. You can walk through the popular Victorian Shopping arcade here or browse the museum’s bookshop.