The Green economy in London


Slowly but surely, countries around the world are adopting a change in philosophy about the type of energy resources they choose to use. In the UK, the green economy is now worth £24.5 and the country is gradually making a positive transition towards a cleaner energy economy. Reliance on non-renewable fossils is slowly decreasing, and that’s welcome news in a world that’s facing countless issues related to global warming. In London, the air pollution has become a problem. In fact, it’s been reported that nearly 9,400 people die each year due to long-term exposure to two air pollutants – PM2.5s and nitrogen dioxide

The Montcalm Club, found in Central London, is close to the city’s developments in green energy. In fact, green power conferences and events tend to be held around the area, and many people work in the energy efficiency and renewable energy industry here. The Montcalm London Marble Arch also interestingly resides close to Hyde Park, a flourishing Royal nature park known for its expansive landscape and its variety of trees, wildlife, and lakes.

Future developments to reduce carbon emissions in the city are in progress, and one of them is to change the cabs in the city. A battery powered TX5 model is due to replace the current TX4 model and for one, it looks more striking and iconic than ever. But the real change is inside the cab; it will run on battery power, boast plug-in hybrid abilities (so that it can switch from electric to petrol power) when the battery is low, and also come provided with Wi-Fi access and charging ports for mobile devices. The idea is to make the experience for passengers even better, while reducing the amount of pollution exhausted by all the taxis in London.

It will be unveiled in late 2017, just before the new rules on taxis and private hire vehicles to have zero emissions for at least 30 miles take effect. London’s air quality continually draws criticism, and this is most certainly a change in the right direction. With tourists ushering into the city ever year, small changes like this will make their experience here better in the future, and make it that much more likely the country can support the growing trends of today. Londoner’s frequently complain about the diesel fumes that come out of the taxis exhaust. Considering that transport accounts for a quarter for all emissions in the UK, this simple regulation and adoption of green taxis will spur a growing change towards a better, cleaner future.

With time, London might become a city that’s known for the way it changed its air pollution levels, and created a safer living environment for citizens and tourists alike. Already, more buses have become hybrid vehicles.