London vacation

London can be incredibly difficult to navigate, even for the well-versed locals among us. If you are thinking of visiting the city for 7 days, whether for business or for holiday, then it’s best tod o some forward planning or risk getting overwhelmed in the flood of options at your disposal. If you are visiting with friends, then pick between you the spots you want to visit, or if you’re with family then make sure that there’s a good balance for both the adults and the kids among your group. Business travellers of course, will have to steal moments throughout the day, seeing the iconic London sights between meetings and work functions. One thing’s for sure though, a visit to one of the hotels in the Montcalm Club promises a comfy and centrally located stay and puts you in the perfect position to explore everything that London has to offer. So, if you’re staying in London for a week, how can you ensure you get everything you want out of the visit?

Orientate yourself

The best thing you can do when you first arrive is to get to know the area, you’re staying in. For instance, the M by Montcalm hotel in Shoreditch gives you miles upon miles of East London side streets to explore, primed for an initial wonder around the city. On top of this, if you get a chance to see the sights from the iconic heights of the London Eye or the Cable Cart based Emirates Air Line, then you’ll get a true sense of London’s sheer scale.

Pick some sites to see, but not all of them

There are plenty of sightseeing spectacles to tick off your sightseeing list but ensuring that you don’t get overwhelmed with trudging through the streets to get those selfies is key to enjoying a diverse holiday. If you have an interest in history or architecture, then find the sites to suit your tastes, and plan your days to be spent in those areas.

Explore the free museums of London

London is well known for having some of the most expansive museums and galleries which are all either state or privately funded. This means that you will find areas of London such as South Kensington and Trafalgar Square lined with free to visit centres, bringing interactive, engaging and awe-inspiring exhibitions inside some of the most unique architecture in the world.

Spend a day in one of London’s trendy outer boroughs

For a taste of true London life, then take a trip to the outer rim. In areas such as Dalston, Peckham and Walthamstow, you’ll find a multicultural community alongside beautiful green spaces and some of London’s most honest identities.

Get pally with public transport

If you want to be time efficient, then download apps such as city mapper and make sure you know your way around the London Underground. With hundreds of stations and great transport times, the London Underground is your best friend when it comes to efficient day travel.

Don’t forget about the beautiful green spaces of London

Make sure that you visit some of London’s beautiful parks and nature reserves during your stay. With such a highly developed and built up city, it’s easy to forget that there are acres and acres of land in areas like Richmond and Hyde Park. With Epping Forest just a half hour train journey from the 5 star hotel near Liverpool Street, don’t miss a great opportunity on a sunny day.