Hidden Truth of London Underground Revealed

London Underground

London underground is known to be the lifeline of the capital city of England. This public rapid transit system is used by almost every Londoner on a routine basis. It even serves a large part of Greater London; however there are numerous hidden secrets behind the walls of underground London. For an ordinary Londoner or even for a traveler these mysterious tunnels and the secret staff codes have long been a subject of fascination.

People often try to unfold the secrets of the ghostly stories behind these, the secret bunkers and facts about the long lost rivers. Since it is one of the oldest metro system in the world these stories themselves talk much about the city’s past.

What if we say that many underground stations are haunted? Yes, it may run down a chill through your spine, but you never know whether these are the facts or are just made up stories. Though, it is correct that some stations have been the site of tragedies and deaths but people often find talking that they have heard piercing screams around Bethnal Green station. This is the place where 173 people were crushed to death.

Winston Churchill used one underground as a war bunker, Down Street. It was thought to be turned into an entertainment venue. This was a station on the Piccadilly Line which was shut down due to the lack of proximity and use of that station. Its close proximity to other stations including Hyde Park Corner, Green Park etc was a major reason of its close. During the Second World War, Winston Churchill however used it as a war bunker. It can be still seen, but a part outside it has been turned into a shop now.

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The London underground is quite big enough in which around 40 stations are in a disused state. These were closed down due to different reasons. Some had a low passenger numbers and some just disappeared without any information or trace and they were never being tracked again. Few lines were being re-routed and now they are missing.

How about having your favorite drink in one of the underground stations in the capital city? Yes, you heard it right. Some underground stations are to be turned into bars as planned. The tube stations London are stepping forward to turn this into a reality. The disused stations will soon be turned into restaurants and other attractions such as shops, theatres and bars etc.

The Aldwych station has been used in music and film videos. It has been a popular location for films and was officially closed in the year 1994. However, Aldwych is not the only station that is being used for this purpose, but there are other stations too including Charing Cross.

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