How to spend your Sunday in London


Sundays represent a day of rest, one where we can pull back the thick strings of time from the prior six days, so that we look back, reflect, and recuperate. But if you’re travelling for a holiday, then there’s most likely no rest for the wicked. You’re going to be spending every day as best possible, making sure you pack in as much fun, adventure, and joy during your time abroad – so that you come back to your home country feeling revitalised, restored, and refreshed. So how best can we enjoy a Sunday in London? Should we take a slightly more relaxed approach, or should we just go with the flow?

Take full advantage of your holiday

Usually, we would argue that there’s no need to change the way you go about your days on a holiday. But considering that event and the atmosphere tends to change depending on the day, you might need to make some slight adjustments to take full advantage of your holiday. For one, many theatrical events tend to be held on a Sunday.

So why not schedule all the laid back relaxed shows you want to experience on your last day of your holiday. If you arrive on a Monday and are planning on leaving the Monday thereafter, you can use your last day to do more relaxing activities that allow you to simultaneously rest and zestfully experience all the other attractions you weren’t able to spend time in the days before.

Spa breaks in the capital

The different spa breaks London has to offer also combine delightfully to provide a choice of the various relaxing experiences for the traveller who’s arriving in London for business or pleasure. Whatever we do in our lives, we most likely carry a residual stress as a bounce back a result. No job is perfect from that sense. The Montcalm Hotel London is an accommodation which has been built to accommodate the greatest needs of guests, making sure that they’re at peace and relaxed right from the very moment they walk in, to the time they leave.

So book your stay in London this season, and experience an incredible week.