How to Stay Happily in London


London is a tourist’s paradise, a shopper’s delight, a gourmet’s heaven and a history or culture buff’s Pandora’s Box. Irrespective of your age, your profession, your background or your affluence, London is definitely a City of Joy. It all depends on how you look at it and how you would like to enjoy the fruits of its happiness. However, it also depends on your circumstances, as a person struggling to get a job and making both ends meet will definitely not find it to be as joyous as a flamboyant, swash-buckling rich person. Moreover, at every stage of life, different priorities of life exist and one has to tackle them. Given below are two of those stages.

Exploring londonThe Carefree Stage of Life: If you are in your twenties or thirties, London will be like heaven for you as you will never think twice before hopping from a night club to a pub or even a restaurant and then following up with more beers at another place. You will be visiting art exhibitions and watching arthouse films. You will like to sample all types of food ranging from Michelin-starred restaurant offerings to street food or food at pop-up restaurants. You will love to drink champagne at rooftop bars and move around with your partner. You will not mind staying in a cheap flat in Clapham and Brixton and arranging house parties at the smallest pretext. Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons will be your best time to enjoy moving around cocktail bars and clubs in Shoreditch. At this stage, you will just flip across to visit parks and museums, theatres and bars without even giving it a thought. Everything will seem beautiful and joyous whether you are moving across London, laughing on the tube with friends and partying whenever you feel like. You will be having the best time of your life.

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A Life With No Time to Stand and Stare: The carefree stage of life is bound to end sooner or later as soon as you get married and have kids. A mountain of responsibilities will suddenly explode on your head and your horizons of fun and joy will narrow down. Life will take a complete u-turn and all that you will think of will be about earning enough for your family, looking after your baby’s needs and driving your kids to school or to other places and back. You will find it difficult to travel in the tube or bus because of the crowds and the heat and the inconveniences of travelling with a baby because of the need to carry a buggy and a sleeping or screaming child. You will hate the idea of standing in queues everywhere especially when you are with your child.

With these priorities, your social life will also suffer and you will try to avoid visiting friends or places. Even your home will appear to be too small and you will feel that your limited income will not allow you to buy or rent a bigger accommodation. With all these problems on your head, the only solace that you will find will be when you are watching your favourite programme on the TV. You will feel jealous of others and start missing your earlier carefree life. Suddenly London will not appear to be all that joyful and it will leave you completely exhausted. You will think of various schemes of getting back your happiness like selling your home, leaving London, going to the countryside and settling down there after buying a house and becoming a farmer or something like that. You will literally start day-dreaming and thinking of all that you can do to be happy and carefree again.

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The Solution: However in order to stay happily in London even when you have many responsibilities, the solution is not in running away from the problem but facing it through these simple steps. The mantra to happiness is that you have to learn more about yourself and about other human beings by reading about them, exploring them and embracing them. You will realise that it is well-nigh impossible to change other people. As such, it will be well and good if you can accept them as they are, otherwise you should not have them in your life. You must realise that exercise is very important, irrespective of the way you do it. You can walk, jog, do yoga, or go to the gym or even indulge in roller derby.

You must look for friends and if you don’t have any good ones, you must make a plan to find some. If you succeed, you should spend some time with them You may have lost contact with your old friends and if so, you should make an effort to look them up. They are essential for your emotional well-being. You should not get obsessed about the future. Take life as it comes and stop worrying. You should try to be happy today and think about yourself. If you like what you see, you should love yourself and if you don’t you should love yourself more. If you don’t love yourself, who else will?

You should never think that you are not good enough as you are certainly good at a lot of things. You must look at those things and love them. You must always be nice to others and do nice things to them. It will make you happy. You must look after your body. You should accept who you are and as you are. You must choose wisely as your happiness depends on it.