Interesting, quirky facts about London


In a landscape that’s as grand as London, there’s no doubt going to be more than a few aspects of the city that you don’t know about. Unbeknown to many, there are ton of fun and interesting facts about the city’s history, that if known would likely make you appreciate the city in a way that you otherwise wouldn’t. For instance, did you know London became the first town in the history of the world that hosted the Olympic Games for the third time? Or did you know that the biggest fire in the city’s history took place in 1666 and destroyed more than 13,000 thousand building over the course of four days?

Built for the international traveller

Making the Most of Shoreditch

5-star Hotels London has to offer are purposefully built for the international traveller in mind. Not only do they provide luxury fittings and rooms, but they also usually tend to provide fantastic business facilities, spacious rooms, and meeting rooms that can be booked in advance. The Montcalm Club is such an accommodation, epitomising the best the city has to offer in hotel suites. It provides rewarding benefits for visitors who come multiple times, and with it’s in-house restaurants and bars, it sets the stage for wonderfully for a productive and eventful experience in the city.

Interesting fact about Big Ben

Other interesting, fun facts about the city include the fact that the Big Ben is in actuality neither the name of the clock or the tower – it’s the name of the bell that is on the clock! Meanwhile, the name of the tower is called the Elizabeth Tower and has been named so since 2012.  London also interestingly has the oldest rail network in the city, with the first subway being built in 1863.

Diversity in the capital

More than 270 nationalities can be found in London, and more than 300 languages are spoken. Meaning, London is the most international city in the world, with one-third of Londoners being born outside the country. The London Eye, while it might not seem that high, is in actual 135 metres, and the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe. Considering all these interesting facts, doesn’t it make sense to take the time to discover this city if you haven’t before finally? Book your accommodation at the Montcalm club, and find what awaits.