London on bike

London Bike

Today, all the major cities of the world are equipped with hi-tech transport facilities making commuting super-fast and easy. London too is well connected with its classic transportation system that runs on its iconic tubes, trains and buses. But what makes London unique from the rest of the major cities is its spirit to keep the tradition of walking and biking alive. In spite of its city culture Londoners boast of keeping things healthy and environment friendly. They love to bike and walk around the city.

When in the city, visitors can also enjoy biking from one attraction to another. You can either rent a bike to explore the city or for shorter journeys you can take a bike from any of the London public bicycle scheme. Exploring London on a bike is a healthy option, will save you both money and time. Bikes are easily available in different corners of the city 24/7 and 365 days a year. Riding a bike in London is easy with dedicated paths assigned to bikers.

Staying at one of the Montcalm hotels in London allows you to easily access these biking bays as well as many biking routes. These comfortable and luxurious hotels also offer a number of rejuvenating spa treatments inside the hotel to help you relax and unwind after a full day of biking in the city.

Here are a few tips if you plan to discover London on a bike:

Cycle hire routes

The Transport for London has designed many cycle friendly routes to help visitors have a great biking experience. You can choose from a variety routes like the Leisure routes, Quirky routes, London’s Secret Garden routes, Saturday markets, Independent shops and markets route, Sporting sights route and more. Being on bike makes you see the unseen side of London that usually gets missed while you are travelling in underground tube.

Safety tips

While you are having a great time exploring London on bike you need to ensure you are safe and following all road rules for cyclists. To mention a few wearing reflector jackets, following the red lights and biking only in the cyclists’ lane will prevent any mishaps. It is always recommended to bike in full biking gear, so make sure either you bring your own or are equipped to rent or buy it.

Popular cycling routes

In central London you can bike and see attractions like the Big Ben, Prince Charles Cinema and the British museum. In North London you can explore the Camden high Street, Finsbury Park, have high tea at Highgate, Kenwood House and the Primrose hill. The South London route will take you to Tower Bridge and the Imperial War museum. While in East London you can explore the Broadway Market, Victoria Park, Regent’s Park and the Hackney City Farm. Biking in the west part pf London makes you explore the Chelsea Physic Gardens and more. You can explore more Scenic routes designed by theTFL on their website.

Bikes on public transport

If you plan to break your biking journey and mix it up with tube and trains make sure you buy folding bikes or travel in trains/routes that can accommodate your bikes inside the tubes.