London – The Most Elegant and Peaceful Holiday Destination


No other place for a holiday is as beautiful as this luxury vacation destination, London. This capital city of England has plenty of stuff to offer to travelers coming for a leisurely break every year. The city welcomes all kind of tourists with open arms irrespective of their age, gender and nationality. Millions of tourists visit the city every year and have fun in the captivating and elegant peaceful places within the city. Though it is true that fun and entertainment never sleeps in the city, but still if you are here to unwind your stress then you would actually like to visit calm and serene places.

Barbican Art Gallery

There are loads of them in the capital city. If we talk about weather and seasons in London no matter at what time of the year you travel there will be vibrancy all around. At every time of the year you will be able to witness something different. This will further help you in creating fresh memories every time you visit the city and in any season. As far as seasons in London are concerned, all have their own unique beauty. Although, the variety of seasons in the capital city are not as harsh and extreme as in other countries, but still the changes are quite effective especially in winter and summer seasons.

There are in total of 4 seasons and each lasts for almost 3 months. Moreover, the seasons here don’t follow any set pattern and these often overlap.

Winters – The coldest as we all know out of the 4 seasons are winters of course. It is quite chilly in London during winters and travelers usually have to face little difficulty if they visit during this time of the year. Winters usually last from December to February and the temperatures go as low as 0 degrees. Wet and windy temperature may make tourists a bit uneasy.

Spring – It starts from March till May. As the name suggests this season in London is quite vibrant and colors can be seen all around. Springs here too are wet and windy

Summer – It is quite a favorable climate for the locals in the capital city and for tourists as well. Though, the summer here are said to be dry, but it still rains in most parts. British public make the most of this time as they go out on picnics, swimming etc. This season starts from June and last till August.

Autumn – This season marks a gradual change from summers to winters. Starts from September and goes till November, autumn marks another good season in the city.

If traveling for the first time to the city then of course the weather/season should be in harmony with your tour. By looking at the calendar one can clearly figure out the perfect timings to enjoy in London. Though, the city keeps its arms open all throughout the year fir visitors, but still if the season and timings are correct then you are likely to enjoy more. No matter whatever the season travelers will always find a comfy stay at The Montcalm Club.

Places to Visit:
Irrespective of the time you choose for your London travel, mentioned below are few tranquil places that you can’t afford to miss while you are in the city.

Barbican Centre – It is a renowned performing arts centre located in the City of London and is the one of its kind and the largest in London. It is a fabulous entertainment venue that boasts of hosting everything from musical concerts, film screenings to every kind of theatre performances and exhibitions. It is funded and managed by the City of London Corporation. The high walkways, indoor tropical conservatory and music library are a must to catch a glimpse of at the Barbican Centre.

Thames Barrier – Thames Barrier is one of the most peaceful and well known spot in the capital city. Downstream of Central London well constructed and there lie the Thames Barrier. The barrier is widely spread across 520 meters across the Thames. For those who are interested in looking at the working scale model of this barrier then one can look at a 10 minute video.

No matter you want to see any peaceful place in the capital city a stay at The Marble Arch by Montcalm London is a must. A stay at this hotel is as calm and peaceful as it is visiting any of the peaceful destinations in London city.

Queen Charlotte’s Cottage, Kew – Kew Gardens is the popular botanic garden which is ideally located just half an hour away from Central London. Just like other attractions in the city, it is one peaceful known place that boasts of glasshouses, lush green landscapes and variety of rare plantations.

City of London is quite notorious in terms of weather and seasons. As far as weather of the city goes irrespective of the time of the year you are traveling one must carry an umbrella. Misty showers can happen anytime in London thus, making the entire place even more beautiful. peak tourist season is almost all year round, however if you don’t like crowded places then the only factor to consider is that time when you will have smaller crowds to face. So, if planning to travel to London for a holiday, don’t think much about the season but pack your bags and move on as the fascinating city awaits your presence.