London Underground tube experience

London Underground tube experience

The London Underground tube experience is unbeknown to people who haven’t visited London before, quite capable at what it does. After all, millions of passengers travel through the network ever year, and while it might complicate at first, the efficient service has been primarily responsible for maintaining the increasing level of tourism and business activity in the city. At the same time, for travellers new to the city, they ideally don’t want to spend much of their time using the service, and that only makes sense.

A holiday should be spent embracing a new culture

Time in a new town should be spent embracing the new culture, attractions and experiences, and transportation is a means to an end and not much more. So what can we do to ensure we spend less time wandering through the mazes of the London Underground, and more time embracing the open world of the capital? For one, the first thing we can do is book our accommodation in the city’s central area, perhaps at the Marble Arch by Montcalm London or the Hotel in Cumberland place.

From there, travelling on the London Underground to the numerous attractions in the city shouldn’t take longer than thirty minutes, meaning you can have that fabulous holiday experience with the added benefit of convenience and time saved. One of the reasons why the London tube has been so active over the last centuries is down to the continual reinvestment made by the government to the service. The capital recognises that without the London Underground system, the capital would be left at a standstill.

Book your stay close to a central hotel

So book your stay in London this season, and be sure to book close to a central hotel. To make the best use of the London Underground, we recommend making sure you have mobile data enabled before you arrive so that you can use the CityMapper service or Google Maps to navigate yourself around the capital with a greater sense of clarity. Other than that, we also invite you to purchase one day passes whenever possible, so that you spend less on travel throughout your holiday in the city.