London’s top 3 iconic buildings


We would be remised if we didn’t take the time to explore some of London’s most spectacular buildings.

The Heron Tower

Forty-six storeys high, the Heron Tower has six lifts, and as they propel upwards, passengers enjoy climbing, scenic view of the city. The Leadenhall building is also known as the Cheesegrater. Due to its wedge shape, it has a unique personality. It has a tapered glass façade and ladder frame, forty-five floors and provides 84,424m2 of floor space – with elegant, skyline offices.

The Shard, the Heron Tower, the Leadenhall building, Broadgate Tower, and Tower 42 are among the best shared office spaces in the financial district. Also, many of the UK’s trading and commercial industries are found here, making the area ideal for creating connections with established businesses.

The Shard

The Shard, for instance, is the highest construction in western Europe, and can be found right by London Bridge station. Close by, guests will find an exquisite array of attractions and hotels, with the Montcalm Club hotels taking centre stage as one of the highest-class accommodations in the area. If you’re looking for convenience and a stay that makes you feel at home, look no further than the Montcalm at the Brewery London City Hotel or the Shoreditch hotel.

St Pauls Cathedral

While it might not have a commercial flair, St Pauls Cathedral’s location offers a sublime view. Visitors will also have the opportunity to indulge in an impressive interior is. Interestingly, St Pauls has been built in the shape of a cross, with a large dome crowning the intersection of its arms.

Another attraction we recommend – if you want to engage in a more thrilling experience – is booking an o2 dome climbing tour. The famous o2 Arena, previously known as the Millennium Dome, has only just recently been offering this experience. The climbing trip involves having a harness and climbing the dome itself (with a professional guide). The view isn’t as high as say the Shard or the Heron Tower, but it certainly has its advantages regarding being engaging.