Where Can I Park in London for Free


The trouble with parking in London does not tend to be that there is not enough of it – on the contrary, there is usually plenty because a lot of people opt to use public transport rather than driving. However, the trouble is usually more that they often cost quite a bit of money per hour, especially as you start getting closer to the city center. But don’t let this get in the way of booking sensational Montcalm Spa Deals at the Montcalm Marble Arch because this is not the case all the time, and there are a few great spots where you can park for free.

Top tip: Download the Appy Parking app, so that no matter where in the city you find yourself driving, you can hop onto this free and easy-to-use app and search for the nearest parking spot to you based on your input post code. If you don’t have the opportunity to download the app, though, then just connect to the top-notch hotel wifi and look up your desired car park online.


It is all about knowing your zones and timetables when it comes to successfully parking for free in London – once you understand how everything pieces together. In many residential streets in London, parking is free on weekends and between 6.30pm and 8.30am. For instance, Eversholt Road by Mornington Crescent Station in Camden Borough is free to park on the weekends. This means that if you have plans to drive to either Regent’s Park and the London Zoo, or to Camden Market, this would be a great spot to do so because you can walk the remaining way and avoid the busy crowds or expensive parking.


A lot of people despair when they see the price of parking in popular areas of London, especially ones like Kensington, which is home to some of the city’s finest museums, Hyde Park and a number of top notch art galleries and restaurants. But what many people don’t know is that on Sundays, all Pay and Display parking in Kensington is free.


If you want to visit Brixton, home to the bustling Brixton Market, the expansive Brockwell Park, or the famous Electric Avenue nightclub made extra-famous by Eddie Grant’s hit Reggae song, then you are in luck – the Lambeth Council are pretty generous with their free parking for short-term parking, especially considering how difficult it can be in other parts of London, which is perfect for visitors.

These short-term free parking bays are free for one hour, after which the car must be moved and it cannot be returned for two hours (this is to ensure everyone gets their fair share). These short-term bays include 30 bays on Brixton Station Road (from Pope’s Road to Gresham Road) and Valentia Place, 4 bays in Electric Lane (near the junction with Rushcroft Road), and two bays on Saltoun Road (near the junction with Railton Road).


Shoreditch is a hub of culture and quirky London life, so many people plan to travel to this part of London when they visit. If you are visiting with a car, here is the situation when it comes to parking for free. There are 31 parking spots on Gillett Street, 109 spots on Bentley Road, 30 spots at St John’s Church Yard and 25 spots on Amhurst Road – all of which are free for two hours. They are open all day.


The area of Kennington, south of the river, is a lovely place to visit and so parking is useful for anyone looking to attend a game at the Oval Cricket Ground, as well as explore the bustling, quirky area of Elephant & Castle. There is not a lot of free parking during the week days, but all Pay and Display parking in Kensington is free on Sundays, and most street parking is also free between 6.30pm and 8.30am. So, hopefully nobody will find themselves paying for parking when visiting this neck of the woods in London on a Sunday or in the evening.


Whether you are an ardid tennis fan, keen to visit the majestic Wimbledon Park or just interested in visiting this beloved area in South London, then you are in luck – there is quite a bit of free parking in the neighborhood. You can park for two hours on Queens Road, Hartfield Road, The Broadway, Priory Retail Club, Coombe Lane, Peel Low House Upper and Lower, York Close, Morden Park, Sibthorpe Road, Raleigh Gardens, Elm Nursery, St Mark’s Road, Westmoor Community Clinic, Wandle Recreation Centre and Tooting Bec Common.


Hampstead is a beautiful part of London to visit, not only for its bustling high street and quaint pubs, but also because of Hampstead Heath. This expansive green area in North London is worth every visitor’s time, with breathtaking views of London from a perspective that not everyone gets a chance to enjoy. Most pay and display parking bays are free after 6pm, with most residential parking bays being free after 8pm. But then again, if you are visiting specifically to visit Hampstead Heath, this isn’t ideal as you want to be visiting during the day. No worries – there are plenty of parking opportunities free in the area. There are spots on Salusbury Road, Summerland Gardens, New Brent Street and Crouch Hall Road – each for two hours at a time.

So next time you hire a car to coincide with your trip to a Montcalm Hotel, or even just drive over from other parts of the UK to explore the capital city, don’t immediately start fretting about where to park or how much it is going to cost you, because these options are readily available for free and will make the trip an easy, stress-free experience when it comes to car troubles.