The Night is Young in a City that Barely Sleeps


The sun sets, the moon rises and London prepares itself for a night of parties and fun, no matter what day of the week it is. Whether you fancy a quiet drink, a sumptuous meal or dancing until the sun comes up, London caters for it all, especially in the vicinity of The Marble Arch by Montcalm where, in under 20 minutes, there are a plethora of london bars, restaurants and clubs to satisfy your every desire.

The Montcalm Champagne Bar

Adjacent to the splendid reception in The Marble Arch by Montcalm is the decadent Champagne Bar. Modern, stylish and oozing sophistication, it has a range of Champagnes to suit all wallets, as well as a vast amount of spirits, such an extensive list of whiskies and cognacs. The cocktails are famous throughout the city with many traditional cocktails on the menu as well as some modern treats created in house. If none of the cocktails on the list are to your taste, speak to the bar’s mixologist who will be more than happy to mix you the cocktail of your dreams using your favourite alcohol and mixers. This establishment will not fail to impress you with its glamour and stirling service.

Back to the Era of the Flappers and the Charleston

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to party in the 1920’s then take yourself to Purl in Marlyebone. Designed as a speakeasy, which were illegal alcohol bars across America during the prohibition, Purl’s energy and secrecy invokes a feeling of excitement, especially when a secret password is required at the door. The music is a mix of styles from the era and present day such as jazz, swing and blues and the delicious drinks are to die for due to their flamboyant flares; this includes the use of foam, smoke, liquid nitrogen, fire and aromas that will indulge all of your senses. So take a trip to Purl and step back to a time where the music brought the joint to life and the consumption of alcohol was forbidden but still enjoyed, just remember the password to enter.

Want to Party with the Celebrities?

Celebrities love to party in London and their favourite places, to name a few, are Chakana and Whisky Mist. These clubs have seen the likes of David Beckham, Rhianna, One Direction, Cameron Diaz and members of the Royal family come through their doors, so if you want to party with the biggest names in the world, then head over to these clubs.

Chakana is an Inca symbol that means ‘Tree of Life’ and its symbol has been used to decorate the interior of the club. Its aesthetics are simply breathtaking, with rich colours such as red, gold and orange taking centre stage and intricate carvings of rainforest animals gracing the walls and furniture. The most interesting pieces in the club are the skulls that act as lights behind the bar; not only does this portray mortality but is also set to remind visitors of the religious notions of the Inca’s, where sacrifices by beheadings were made to the Gods. The drinks even have a South American twist with ingredients such as Maca Root, Piscos, Inca Berries and Coca Leaves embraced in the cocktails, together with tequilas and rums. So if you are looking for an exotic night out with a chance of bumping into a few celebrities, then get yourself to Chakana.

Tartan, suits of armour, coat of arms and a huge choice of whiskies, this can only mean one thing… that you have entered the world famous Whisky Mist club. Situated in a church that is complete with stain glass windows, pews and a church organ, this opulent setting is a firm favourtie with the likes of Rita Ora and the royals. Its Scottish heritage is celebrated in its decor and array of whiskies that suits all price ranges and, to keep in character, even the drinks are served in a choice of a horn, pewter and steel or leather cups.

D.I.S.C.O and Dancing

It’s back and more choreographed that ever! This club will fill you with nostalgia with its checkered dance floor, 70’s tunes, dance routines and glitter disco balls. A Pan Am style boarding lounge greets you at the door where 1970’s stewardesses take your boarding cards and escorting you back to the time of Dancing Queens and Night Fever. The DJ brings you classic tunes on vinyl from inside a giant glitter ball and there is a New Year countdown every night at 12am. If that wasn’t enough homage to the 70’s, even the cocktails are served in disco balls and Michael Jackson busts. Needless to say, if disco music isn’t your thing, then this place will not be for you, but if you have always wanted an excuse to dust off those flares, then get yourself down to DISCO.

Dance the night away at Bar Rumba, a club that is open until 3am every night of the week. Located in Shaftesbury Avenue, the home of the West End, it plays an eclectic mix of music that can satisfy everyones music needs; from R n B to Pop, from Garage to Chart Toppers, this place can serve it all. With 18 years experience under their belt, Bar Rumba knows how to party and often treat their guests with happy hours, drink offers and epic themed nights.

These mix of bars and clubs are a minute offering in the city but caters to most people’s tastes; from sophisticated champagne bars to 1970’s disco, from the exotic Inca civilisation to Scotland’s iconic heritage, there is a true variation. Not only does The Marble Arch by Montcalm offer comfort and elegance in their accommodation but their placement also allows you to enjoy the very best that London has to offer.