Pint Free Fun in London


If you’ve spent any time at all choosing not to drink alcohol then you know how much our society relies on drink. It underpins virtually all our social interactions from work functions to family gatherings to just catching up with your friends at the end of a long day. Itcan be fun but if you’re not drinking for any reason it can be a bit depressing; especially with so few good non-alcoholic drinks available. Not to mention that as your friends get tipsy it gets harder and harder to talk to them while remaining sober. What you really need is a good way to socialise without drinking being part of the equation; you need somepint free fun.

Art Museums

London is at the very heart of the art world; the art museums in London are some of the best in the world. Despite the works of masters at our fingertips; Londoners often don’t make the effort to go see them. No matter how incredible the city you live in; it all becomes background to your day to day life and you forget that the great sights and museums aren’t just for tourists. Make the change and start enjoying life in London to its fullest by changing your routine from a tour at the local pub by work to a tour at the Tate Modern, or the Victoria and Albert museum; both conveniently open late on Fridays. You’ll get to see some truly breath-taking works of art and design, at no cost, and entirely alcohol free. Your workmates, friends, or family will not regret the few missed pints in the presence of such beauty.

Once you’ve been through the best known galleries it’s time to go off the beaten track. With its great age and importance in the world London has filled with a great many interesting little museums. No matter your interest you’ll be able to find a museum for it hiding in some alley in London.  For instance there is an exceptional little museum called the House of Hogarth. Built into what was the country home of the England’s great artist, satirist and cartoonist, William Hogarth, this quirky little museum is a thought-provoking exploration of a great man’s life.

Afternoon Tea

It may seem a bit unorthodox now but for centuries the ceremony underpinning social interaction was not a booze up at the local; but an elegant afternoon tea with all the trimmings. Why drink a cheap pint when you can have loose leaf tea brewed to perfection. All accompanied, of course, by tiers of delicious sandwiches, heaps of scones with lashings of jam and fresh cream. If the friends you enjoy it with miss having a drink don’t worry, there is also an option of a Champagne afternoon tea. So book yourself in for a traditional English afternoon tea package in London and make it the new social highlight of your week; you are guaranteed to have an excellent time.

Go Picnicking

The days are lengthening and warming up; Spring is upon us and Summer is just around the corner.Don’t settle for catching a few rays with the smokers on the street outside a pub; get your vitamin D in style and head to a park for a picnic. Bring friends and a platter of food and you’ll have a fantastic time chatting and soaking up the sunlight.  With the sun finally out you’ve got no excuse to not be out there enjoying it. Don’t let your friends drag you into a dark pub; go feel the fresh air on your face and sun on your skin and enjoy London in a pint free way.