Planning your day around the Globe theatre

Planning your day around the Globe theatre

The Globe theatre is found on Bankside, and features a range of Shakespeare’s plays. The poet, playwright, and actor is one of the most famous historical figures in the country. What makes the venue so tantalising to tourists and inhabitants of the city, is the sheer prowess demonstrated by the performers at the event. Some of the events taking place include: As you like it, Measure for measure, Richard II, The Heresy of Love, Much add about nothing, and Macbeth. All these shows take place between August and September.

The first show describes the story of Rosalind – the daughter of an exiled duke who hopelessly falls for the wrong man. It brings romance and comedy together into something that delights at every act. Tickets for the show can be had for around £50. The Heresy of love is a Spanish drama which also plays out the same common theme of love, betrayal, and heresy. This is the venue with the most authentic play experience around London. The classics tales of the past few centuries have been brought to life once again for everyone to rejoice in. Some of the restaurants near Shakespeare’s Globe theatre include: the Swan at the Globe, Pizza Express, Zizzi, and Zorita’s kitchen. On top of that, luxury accommodations such as the M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech cityare found close by.

In terms of the things you can do around Bankside; the TATE Gallery is not too far away. In essence, if you’re looking after a cultured day out in London, then this is the area to visit. We suggest planning your day so you visit Bankside Gallery, the Cross Bones Gravey, the Millennium Bridge and then to the TATE Gallery. And for the Globe Theatre, ideally book your show for the evening. The atmosphere around this time tends to be a little more immersive. In short, the area is a great place to visit during your weekend in Shoreditch.

You can either a book a show, or you can simply book a tour of the venue. We recommend you do the prior, because it’s ultimately what will take you away into a magical experience. The plays at the venue are performed in such a manner; that you feel like you’ve been transported back to Elizabethan times. After all, this is the very venue in which the first Shakespeare plays were held. Now, it’s obviously been reconstructed into something more modern. But its classic feel has not left the place. Medieval theatre is different to most modern theatre shows. In the 17th century, the show was performed with no roof, and this tradition continues today. Besides, the crowd on the ground floor is literally pinned to the edge of the stage – creating little distance between the audience and the performers. Perhaps that’s what makes it such an intimate event.

In conclusion, if you’re visiting London this summer, then take a trip down to the Globe Theatre and gets a visceral insight into the country’s history. Seeing museums, exploring areas around monuments, and getting a feel for the city is one thing – but witnessing a play based on the most magnificent pieces to come out of the country’s pool of talented writers is something unique in and of itself.