Plus Size Shopping in London

Plus Size Shopping in London

London presents the ultimate shopping experience. Around every corner is a new shopping area with countless fabulous stores full of beautiful clothes to buy; streets of clothes shops brimming with delights and stately department stores offering the very best in fashion. The only downside is if you don’t fit a narrow and inaccurate definition of the ‘norm’ a city overflowing in choices may suddenly seem practically empty. It’s disheartening and can quite ruin a good shopping experience. Don’t worry too soon though; London is a big place and there are lots of options out there for any size, shape or taste. Grab yourself a shopping package in London from a luxurious hotel near Oxford Street and head out to visit some of the plus size shops in London in style and comfort. Also, here is the London’s shopping guide for ultimate shopping experience to plus size shopping in London

Oxford Street


Luckily for you a great number of the plus size shopping centres in London are locatedin and around Oxford Street. Ever a street where anyone can buy anything, Oxford Street is well equipped for plus size shoppers. Whether you’re looking for some bargain threads or a fashionable new look; Oxford Street will provide.


Evans has led the industry in plus size fashion for a long time. With 180 stores of plus size fashion you can be sure they know what they are doing when it comes to comfortable and classy clothes for curvy women. They stock clothes up to size 32 with everything from nightwear to special occasion attire.

Marks & Spencer

While they don’t focus specifically on clothes for plus size women; Marks & Spencer has a pretty good range of clothes for all comers. Their stores tend to be large with plenty of options of a higher quality than most chain stores; M&S is an excellent option for everyday clothes. Their range goes up to size 28 though they don’t always have the full range in stock; it may be worth calling ahead if you have something particular in mind.

Beige Plus

If you look past the rather drab name, you will find a luxury store selling excellent fashion for plus size women. Beige Plus was created specifically to provide a high fashion store for curvier women in an industry that sadly fails to represents all its customers. Their selection is stylish, sexy, and up to size 28; an ideal stop in your shopping trip in London.

Long Tall Sally

If you are tall and curvy and struggling to find clothes designed for you, don’t worry, Long Tall Sally is there for you. The store specializes in flattering clothes for women 5’8” (173cm) and above and the clothes come in a range up to size 24. With everything from Lingerie to work wear, this shop is a must for taller women who want clothes designed for them. They even have a selection of shoes in larger sizes.

Marina Rinaldi

If you want designer clothes for curvier women then Marina Rinaldi is the brand for you. Protected rather intimidatingly be a security guard at the front door is a range of truly stylish clothes for those of you who demand the best.


Sometimes you just want something basic, cheap, and easy. If this sounds like you then Primark will fit the bill;cheap but nice options for all sizes and all people. A word of caution, while Primark does generally have clothes for the plus sizes its range at the upper end of the spectrum is not excellent and you may have to search a fair bit for options in your size. I would recommend checking out their website or calling ahead if you don’t fancy digging through the entire store for clothes in your size.