Redeem a Host of Benefits with the Exclusive Montcalm Club

Redeem a Host of Benefits with the Exclusive Montcalm Club

Whether you frequently find yourself in London on important business endeavours, or if you’re a casual visitor who likes to soak up the big city atmosphere on a regular basis, it’s important that you maximise every aspect of your stay. From making the most of the superior accommodation facilities to earning hotel rewards at boutique hotels, there are many benefits you can reap when you become a member of the exclusive Montcalm Club.   

The Montcalm Luxury Hotels London are a group of elite 5* hotels situated in central London. A favourite amongst tourists who like to stay in style and those on pivotal business trips alike, the Montcalm Club allows regular visitors to reap the rewards of staying at one of the premier Montcalm London hotels. 

The scheme offers loyal travellers the opportunity to earn top hotel rewards in London, and all they have to do is sign up to start earning points. It’s free to become a member and registration can be done either online or at the reception of one of the hotels. 

When you sign up, you’ll automatically start earning hotel rewards. The more you travel and stay, the more rewards you will earn. 

Classic Membership 

As soon as you sign up to become a member of the Montcalm Club, you will become a Classic Member. This means you will be entitled to a range of complimentary bonuses when you stay, including a bottle of fresh water every day of your visit. Whether you’re exploring the local sights or heading into the office, a bottle of refreshing water will allow you to start your day hydrated and ready. 

A Classic Membership also entitles you to complimentary fresh fruit. Like the water, the fruit will ensure you have a nutritious start to your day and that you’re prepared for whatever comes next. 

Whilst you eat your fruit and drink your refreshing water, you can peruse a free copy of the daily newspaper, ensuring you’re kept up to date with what’s going on. 

In addition to the complimentary items, you will also earn 100 points as soon as you become a Classic Member, and all you have to do is sign up! 

Silver Membership 

To become a silver member, you will need to have two eligible stays (or four eligible nights) at a Montcalm Luxury Hotel within 12 months. Doing so will mean you can enjoy all the complimentary aspects of the Classic Membership, as well as some additional perks and privileges. 

The first Silver Membership privilege you’re entitled to is a later check-out. This means you can sleep in a little later and soak up the luxury atmosphere of your room for a little longer before you need to pack up and head to your next destination. Extended check-out is subject to availability, but the hotel staff will be able to advise you so you can plan ahead. 

The next Silver Membership benefit you’ll get is a complimentary room upgrade depending on availability. Whether you’re staying one night or several, you can enjoy upgraded facilities and better views without any additional fees, making your trip a little bit more special and memorable. 

Silver Membership holders can also take advantage of a deluxe fresh fruit plate in their room, as well as the water and newspaper that comes in the Classic package. 

Gold Membership 

When you have enjoyed 20 eligible stays or 30 eligible nights at one of the luxury hotels in London in a 12-month period, you will become a Gold Member. This will entitle you to indulge in all the benefits of the Classic and Silver packages, as well as more prestige benefits that you can redeem in return for your valued loyalty. 

As a Gold Member, you can enjoy an early check-in depending on availability, as well as a welcome amenity every time you stay at one of the 5* London hotels. On top of this, you can get 20% off should you choose to unwind in the hotels’ spas, plus an additional 20% discount on your laundry. With such great offers on superior facilities, you can indulge after a long day in the big city and go home with fresh laundry – all for a discounted price. 

On your 30th night at one of the boutique Montcalm London hotels, you are guaranteed a room upgrade. 

Platinum Membership 

The final level to the exclusive Montcalm Club is Platinum, reserved for the most loyal visitors who are dedicated to enjoying the 5* luxury afforded by the central London hotels. In order to reach a Platinum level, you must stay for 60 nights or have 40 eligible stays within a 12-month time period at any of the Montcalm London Hotels. 

As with previous levels, Platinum reward holders will receive everything included on all previous levels and more. The first Platinum Member advantage is a personalised check-in that includes a welcome drink for every guest. You’ll also be gifted a present from the boutique hotel for reaching the Platinum level by way of saying thank you for your loyalty. 

You will receive full access to the Club Lounge, and a complimentary stay on your 60th night in a Junior Suite. This means you can enjoy a stay in one of the top London hotels in a superior room without having to spend a penny! 

Sign Up and Start Saving 

The Montcalm Club is one of the best hotel rewards in London, offering a generous tiered system that entitles new and old guests alike to top tier benefits and privileges. It’s free to sign up to and is well worth it, even if you remain a Classic Member. To join, simply ask at the reception at one of the Montcalm London Hotels, or sign up online. Paired with the world-class facilities that each hotel has to offer, and the centralised location that is close to everything you need, the exclusive rewards club will inspire you to keep going back to some of London’s leading boutique hotels and get rewarded for it.