Restaurants Serving Best Thai Food in London

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London offers many places where you can get delicious Thai food. These include the following:

The Begging Bowl: This trendy restaurant in Peckham offers small-plate dishes similar to Thai street food. However, the food has style and a balanced mix of chillies, herbs and spices ensuring a superb flavour in its offerings from curries and soups to stir-fries and fish cakes. It provides bottomless rice throughout the meal per person. The betel leaves studded with sharp pomelo and crunchy palm sugar are worth tasting.

Esarn Kheaw: Located at Shepherd’s Bush, this family-run restaurant serves traditional dishes from the north-east of Thailand. It is extremely popular with Thai community because of the specific regional style of cooking, combined with adherence to family recipes. The recommended dishes are homemade Thai-style sausages with garlic and chilli and a fresh-flavoured minced beef salad with lemon juice, lime leaves, chilli and coriander.

The Heron: Located in the slightly dingy basement of a boozer of the same name just off Edgware Road, this is one of the most authentic restaurants of London. It offers vivid and bright-flavoured food including hot and sour soups, stir fries and spicy salads. There are many Thai customers all the time but you need to be careful as its spicy dishes are really spicy. It also offers a karaoke.

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KaoSarn: After its success on the fringes of Brixton village, KaoSarn has opened its branch in Battersea offering authentic food but if you need real spicy food, you will have to ask for it. It stands out from others because of its vivid flavours, fresh herbs, limes and fresh chillies that are used in abundance. It offers well-done classic curries and its lighter options such as steamed sea bass has flagrant flavours.

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Mantanah: This gem in South London near Norwood Junction is a well-kept secret with locals. From its exteriors it seems to be a common, primitive and unexciting Thai takeaway joint but it is not so. It uses authentic level of spices and sauces creating an excellent flavour and it offers friendly service. If you are a local, you may even get home delivery.

Nipa: This is the most posh and most expensive Thai restaurant in this list, located near the top of Lancaster Gate’s Lancaster London hotel. It offers dishes leaning towards well-known classics and toned down in heat, although you can get them modified to your taste.

The other such restaurants are Smoking Goat and Blue Elephant.