How to Shop With a Conscience in London


Staying truly green can be quite hard; so much of our world seems happy with products that come directly from exploitation.  Some people seem to sneer at products that are fair trade or organic but what they don’t realiseis that it’s about ethics in shopping. It may seem as bleak as London in the winter but don’t despair; there are a lot of great ways to stay green while shopping and staying in London. Grab your recycled shopping bags and head out to London; you’ve got shopping to do.


If you are shopping near the British Museum you can find the excellent fair-trade wholefoods shop Alara. Alara has been around since the late 1970s selling delicious organic vegetarian and vegan foods for all your ethical eating needs. There’s also an exceptional salad bar with some hot food available for eat in or takeaway; all made fresh at Alara of course. As an added bonus Alara is also an excellent place to shop for quality organic cosmetics and household products.

Hybrid Busses

First introduced in 2006; London’s hybrid busses have taken off in a big way. Nearly four hundred are in operation through some of Londonbusiest areas with 600 more planned in the next two years. If you plan your journey well it should be pretty easy for you to stick to the eco-friendly option when getting around the city and seeing the sights.

Green Baby

You’re never too young to start going green. If we can instill in our children a desire for ethics in what we buy then maybe there is hope for us after all. Green Baby is the store for you if you want your children to be as green as you are. Theirrange of natural, organic and environmentally friendly products includes baby underwear, clothing, accessories and more;all fair trade of course.

Terra Plana Shoes

It is depressingly uncommon for the fair trade and fashion worlds to collide. Thankfully if you’re after some truly elegant, but ethical, shoes; Terra Plana will provide. Made from recycled materials with a combination of artisan techniques and modern technology; these shoes are the very best in green style.

Montcalm Club

Hotels can be pretty poor when it comes to being green; their water and power consumption is enormous. Sadly many hotels are happy just to leave it at that and stick with their eco unfriendly ways. It’s not always easy to find information about where you’re staying and whether they are taking steps to improve their systems and protect the environments; so it’s fantastic to see a five star hotel with a clear and ambitious environmental policy. They are dedicated to eliminating the use of polluting materials and recycling everything that can be recycled.  Not to mention providing luxury accommodation and afternoon tea package that’s to die for.

Content Beauty

Beauty products are the classic example of inhumanely made products. Thankfully most of the world is starting to move beyond the dark old days; but if you need a truly natural alternative to the conventional ranges of products you’ve got to get yourself to Content Beauty. If you want natural skin care and organic ingredients with no compromise on luxury and indulgence they have you covered.As a side bonus there is also a Marylebone Content Boutique store; recycled takeaway coffee cups, greenly harvested wood, organic paints, you name it. If you want a green shopping experience you can’t do better than Content Beauty.